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- ZSO fucked that bitch
- With mother-in-law wouldn't it be the other way around?
There were two of them sitting on the terrace of the roadside tavern They were fishing Supposedly after installation they didn't catch anything all day
At the end of the road to the lake stood the pub where the fishermen regularly entered the truck drivers stopped for coffee coke sandwiches and the villagers went out for a beer to get away from the reproach of the women Now it was just the two of them apart from the bartender
The staff of the beer tap was clenched between considerable breasts as he leaned against the two strangers sitting on the terrace They were gathered he thought migraines savoring the new word he stole from the TV You knew the two men in their 30s by sight They bought the twin house next to his godmother last year A large common garden a common Firewall but on the inside the houses were adapted to the needs of the inhabitants And the residents came from pest they worked there and he saw their car pull by the pub in the morning They went fishing on the lake as a guest paid for the overpriced guest ticket but the loot was never taken he found out from the fisherman Then they stopped for a beer at his place and from there they could go home under the gardens Unfortunately both of them have wives: slim tall black women and a broad – hipped good – ass blonde/red-monthly-changing chameleon He knew that from his godfather who of course immediately checked out the new neighbors Too bad he thought and his hand caressed the thick stick of the beer tap
- What? What do you mean mother-in-law? - they've been sitting on the water since dawn talking or staring at the hook Nimrod's been chewing and struggling since dawn and now he's a little incoherent in the last sentence
- Well as a mother-in-law right? And vice versa the pooch is the mother-in-law
- Yeah but the other way around it's not a joke He's not a dog he's a whiner not a mother-in-law he's a ZSO
Sanya had known ZSO for years they were in the same society they partied together they went hiking they went on holiday Nimrod met ZSO there just like Sanya met Eve Although they went to different jobs after graduation the joint programs and the friendship remained That's how they bought a house last year Sanya knew the impertinent nipples of ZSO which then spat out the T-shirt the long brown thighs the muscular buttocks as she leans down in her tiny bathrobes to check the temperature of the pool His squeal when the black labrador comes out of the water shakes himself over a 20-foot radius then picks out his momentary favorite rubs his face all wet or jumps in his lap with enthusiasm
Yes he also knew whiny the playful Labrador who had been brought to the new garden house by the Nimrods a good year ago but from the first moment he saw himself as a "common" dog At least as to the fact that he was able to scrape out Zsó's flowers and his annual vegetables and begged equally for treats at Nimrod or Sanya with success if it could be done away from the strict gaze of Zsó
So you knew them both Józó had imagined himself a few times strictly in his mind since he belonged to Nimrod But under the ever-moving enthusiastic labrador?
- How do you know that?
- I was there …
- And you watched him ?
- Actually so we've seen this before the first time we found this movie on the internet was by accident And then as he grew up and started to be a big boy he jumped on everyone's feet…
- And that's when his dick would pop out - nodded Sanya
- His penis yeah and then ZSO said " Let's find out what it's like to have a big dick out of his penis" Well we did we could hide next to the Great Dane but the labrador setter German shepherd's outfit I mean in size I guess
 You just think about your size not mine
- in size of course but in other respects what they can do to a pussy in pussy that's pretty amazing
- It was supposed to be…
- Yeah and ZSO wasn't shocked by these movies …
- But ZSO did it to the dog?
 He wasn't shocked by what he sawhe was turned on by them And I pulled him to get the whiner so he could go after him until he found himself a village girl in heat He laughed but his eyes glistened And the whiner seemed to understand what was going on every time you could hear a whimper and a sigh in the film and he grabbed his head and I swear he looked at me not at all
- And then the other night
- the day before yesterday after sex we were lying on the bed and then poof just barged in You know when he was a kid he used to whine on the doorstep until we let him in and then he slept on the living room rug which is why he ended up being a whiner And every morning he'd wake us up with his nose or try to jump on the bed


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