18 Years old girlfriend destroyed in gangbang

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I love playing with my dick for so long but what guy doesn't? I love sex too but there's a special part in my life that involves pampering the family heirloom Sometimes I jerk off in a casual way and when I feel like it I jerk off almost violently when I feel like it Of course the required porn is never missing my favorites are the big tits and the shemale videos but sometimes I choose different categories
In women I'm an admirer and admirer of big boobs including the tight wet and humping pussy Guys don't turn me on but shemales do To me they're women born into a man's body and for some time now "little plus" between their legs has attracted me more and more Long ago I wondered what it would be like not only to play with his own dick but also to pamper him In sex I'm very interested in partner feedback tiny little sighs moans body twists and I really enjoy hearing and seeing the other one's good
This is how we get to one of the best adventures of my life I decided to get myself a real shemale woman and after months of trying to find a date with Gabi I managed to get a date We didn't talk much before but it was more of a feel for each other in bed who wants what each other wants who wants what each other wants
That's how Gabi invited me on a "date"one day I can guess what I'm up to but I've done better than I expected ;)
Before I went to the address I cleaned myself up shaving shower my best Armani perfume etc When I got to the doorway my heart was pounding with excitement I knew it would finally happen what I've been waiting for for months When I rang the bell it was like I was so slow I was so nervous that about 10 seconds before he hit the doorbell it took me hours I've had so many things running through my head about what's going to happen about disappointing him and all that
I went through the gate upstairs knocked on the door and Gabi was waiting behind the door because she opened it right away
I was seeing something I didn't expect a slutty red high heels a transparent nightgown underneath a French lace shirt (which I told him was my favorite) and a matching bra Gabi was all womanly and on the street if anyone had seen her she had long brown hair medium tits and a pretty girly face and her skin was furless and adorably silky (of course later revealed)
- Did you lose your chin? he asked
"well you're very sexy" I said
- Then come in quickly for this sight is only for you - and she smiled coqueably
As I walked in he closed the door and he leaned over and kissed me I got all turned on by this short kiss here so I pulled him to me and we ate each other for a long time Meanwhile my hands were wandering and I put one hand on his back above his buttocks and I just pulled him to my side while the other hand grabbed his ass through his little nightgown That's how it went for minutes and then he grabbed my hand and took me to one of the rooms where we continued on with the Lollipop while he was stroking my chest with his hands and sometimes he'd grab my ass I was so hard on him that I grabbed his waist and turned his neck and back to myself and started to pile on his ears with little kisses while my hands discovered his breasts Gabi had medium breasts but it's just something I could love and pamper for hours I finally took off her nightgown and my hands were about to explore her velvety scented skin and I took off her bra and I could feel her tight breasts he wanted to turn around but I didn't think it was time for anything and it's a good thing he's in control now and I didn't let him and I turned him around and whispered in his ear:
- stay just let me pamper you
At this point one hand started to move down his stomach I took my time to enjoy it and caress every part of him and I went down to the French panties which were already bulging up I thought it was not hard but we are going to help it;) while I was still kissing his neck from behind and the other hand was glued to his chest as if I never wanted to let go - and I didn't want to :)
- you're very sexy and I'm crazy about your body and I whispered things in his ear and he reached back and as far as he could reach he was touching my butt
As my hand came to the part of my body that I was looking forward to touching and making my toy I pulled her panties off and gently put them in my hands and it felt really good to hold such a pretty shemale's dick in my hands while her body was straining to mine I slowly pressed my hand and then I put my hand on it again and slowly pulled the skin over from the top of his shoulders to examine his masculinity()


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