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From the glare of her computer screen Margaret now gazed into the darkness of the ranks of offices Did you really hear a noise? Maybe one of the doors closed? It's unlikely that he was there alone and locked himself in
- Who is it?
He only heard the Echo
"I heard something I'm sure" he continued - Who's there? Talk to me
And then you put it out of your mind and you took care of it by imagining it He continued to type quickly and focused only on the report making sure that he had written all the figures correctly Mr Stinson was a real stickler for details and he wouldn't hesitate to dump him if he screwed something up
He's been thinking about quitting because he really hated working there Of course he hated his boss most of all He was a real overbearing asshole who never even graced him with a smile Of course that wouldn't be a problem if your boss wasn't the most exciting sexiest man she'd ever seen Margaret had not once been struck by heat if she thought that she would not bend over him to correct the mistakes she had made at that time but to kiss him or touch his breasts
He reached out to look at the page he had just described once more and suddenly he noticed movement from the corner of his eye But before he could turn he had a gloved hand on his mouth and his neck had something cold and sharp He was breathing in the air in a hurry ready to scream
- Don't move and don't make a sound - someone hiss him softly in his ear - I don't want to hurt you "I have been watching you for some time" said the intruder - Attention and admiration and all that stuff I was wondering if her breasts were real And if it's natural red and if it likes sucking cockis it juicy and hot?
Margaret's throat is clenched I wonder who this man is
Now there was a tongue circling in his cubicle which gave him a tingling sensation running through his body against his will
- I'm gonna find out the truth tonight
"Oh my goodness" thought Margaret This guy's about to get himself a blow job with her and then fuck her Now he began to squirm in the hope that he could properly free himself and escape
"Here are the rules" said the attacker - You didn't scream you didn't scream One sneeze and I'll stuff her own panties in her mouth
I'm gonna blindfold you and there's no peeking through the blindfold or under it I'll tie your hands behind your back but I'll leave your legs free If you don't spread your legs when I tell you to if you try to escape or kick me I'll spread your legs so wide you'll think you're a rubber woman Is that clear?
Margaret nodded
- Now raise your hand off the keyboard lean forward and put your hands behind your back
Margaret obeyed moved slowly lest the knife stretched to her throat might injure her As he leaned heavily over the keyboard his captor took his hands off his mouth
- Remember no screaming no yelling Now keep your hands on each other
Margaret was struggling to obey herself and then she felt the cuffs slip on her wrists and be locked in one click After the cuffs were on his hands the knife was no longer strained to his throat and the man covered his eyes with a black shawl so that not even the slightest light could penetrate from that table lamp
'That's better' said the man "Well then" said he turning Margaret's chair towards you - Stand up
He lost balance with his hands tied Finally he stood on his heels balancing his chest going up and down because of his handcuffed wrists
He was watching trying to figure out where he was from the sound of his breathing
The man now took a few steps sideways and then back Margaret stopped when she sensed the rough edge of a desk hitting her thighs from behind The man now slipped his hand under his arms
- Jump up - he said he put her in a sitting position
Then he pushed Margaret back lay her head down on the other side of the table while she went round the table with one hand over her body Now Margaret heard him unzip her followed by the rustling of clothes
The man held one finger in each side of her mouth stretched it out and pulled her head further back Before Margaret could object the man's dick filled her mouth and it just shoved it down her throat
He swallowed a couple of them cramping trying not to gag It was evident that he had clenched his mouth for the man's cock was instantly stiffened And then the longer and harder it got the easier it was to slip down Margaret's throat His captor held his head firmly in place as he pushed his hips back and forth


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