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This July has brought stifling weather Temperature's over 30 degrees It's Saturday late afternoon The apartment is a cauldron I was just thinking that we should go somewhere cool and pleasant but where? My phone's ringing The number is unknown who the hell is it? At first it's an unknown but it's a nice woman's voice and it's really looking for me Hey quiver
- Do you recognize me?
- Uh-huh
I'm just starting to think that she might be my daughter's girlfriend who you might have known from my opus "rescue operation"
- Ági? - I ask little uncertain
- But he fell
He keeps asking questions about me How you doing how you doing how you doing? et cetera? I said " nothing just the heat"
- Do you have something to do an obligation by the end of the week?
- No I'm just sitting here
- So you're not alone And gu which character is that?
- Uh-huh I'm alone - paper tusks are coming down
- And you're not expecting anyone?
- No I'm not
- Do you want to come over? We'd love to see you and Jojo together
- Should I bring Zsofi or is he already there?
 Yeah she's here but she's not your daughtermy sister's name is Zsofi I don't think you've noticed that before - he's being sarcastic and he's right to be
- Just the two of you?  not that I don't want to go but on what occasion and how?
- Don't worry there's always a time to celebrate We'll tell you when you get here So are you coming?
- Of course - my voice must have made my enthusiasm clear because it makes me laugh
- I hope your enthusiasm is as strong as it is Well hurry up then ' cause we're waiting for you
And this"VERY" was so insistent that it already screwed me (See the history) it's a good thing I didn't have anything on ' cause I'd be strapped My cock was ready for what could be hoped for Since I haven't had a lot of women in my life lately he's been terribly enthusiastic I didn't want to touch it so I took a nice cold shower that was necessary to get dressed and go It didn't take much time It's a good thing the police didn't see me because I was driving my car with my desires but in hindsight my consumption didn't go down it was women
The journey was almost half an hour to Kelenvölgy but this time it didn't last 20 minutes I'll stop down the street but not in front of the House not everyone needs to know that the girls are having a guest I'll ring the doorbell Video but nothing on the screen
- Hey you're here already?  that didn't take long
 Well I've been trying really hard to see you guys as soon as possible
- To see me of course Come on in come on in
I'm finally comfortable in the House The air-conditioning of the car had hardly worked in that time so you finally had a nice cool tooth and a branch in a thin thigh-high cotton In the Twilight there wasn't really anything underneath
- In this heat it's only worth celebrating in cold weather Let's go to the bathroom Zsofi is waiting in the hot tub
I remember this four-person tub I used to wash the little girl in I'm thrilled just the thought of it
 I didn't bring anything to wear I didn't think about taking a bath
- Do you think I should?
- I guess not - this girl's already pissing me off
We're going to the bathroom I'm gonna throw my clothes on a little stool Zsofi his sister is already inside and although you can't see much from the bubbles I don't think she's wearing anything either Twig drops the short-sleeved shirt and climbs into the tub I'm eager to jump in the water I find the water level a little strange sitting down barely to my chest but I'm sure that's how they do it
- Well there's no hurry
- You're right so what's the occasion to celebrate with me?
- Well a lot happened after you left  at first we were deeply silent about what happened to us but in the end it didn't fit I told Mom everything At first he gave me a giant patchy-patented Soul Brother which at the end of the conversation turned into a cry It turns out our great moral-bending father has been sleeping with his secretary my own age for like six months and he won't even look at our mother In fact he said they only kept up appearances for the sake of their children And I freaked out too Because of us So that's why we rarely saw dad and we didn't even have time to hate him but he was preaching morality to us and he was giving us stupid rules He followed his lead and the family women's Council met The three of us agreed that that was enough He was given an ultimatum and as a result he finally moved out last night Since our affair was one of the triggers – and of course our special memories – we both thought we'd celebrate this big event with you Now sis you can pour the champagne


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