Lifetime Friends Finally Fuck For The First Time

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18 'Chapter III
Robi's birthday was coming up Nellie didn't like the theater as much as Dora did so it seemed like a good gift to buy two tickets and to go with Rob on Friday to her favorite theater for a performance Nellie thought right and Robby was moved Nellie bought herself a new dress for the occasion A half-length no-back dress made of very light material with a deep cleavage in the front During the break Robby felt all the men envied him for his wife
After the performance Robi thanked him for the gift kissed Nelli who whispered:
- The day's not over yet Your day
Robby thought there was a cake waiting for him in the fridge at home but in the elevator he realized it was something else Nellie stopped the elevator kissed Robbie and stroked his dick through his pants Robi grabbed his wife's breasts through the dress and through thin material she felt the nipples hardening He was grabbing Nellie's breasts harder and harder His wife gently pushed Robbie away He turned around pulled up his skirt and bent forward deep down
'Fuck me please' he said softly
Nellin wasn't wearing panties Robbie's seen his wife's nice shapely ass a thousand times but just because he thought about it he wasn't wearing any panties all night he got really turned on He took his dick out and put it in the crack with his right hand Nelli screamed
- Does it hurt honey?
- Yeah a little
- That's good
He kept pushing
Nellie's pussy was getting wet
That made it easier Robbie had to bend his knee so he could level his dick with his wife's pussy It was an uncomfortable position
"Go to the dog" he asked his wife
Nellie did He got on his knees and fucked her real good They got up got dressed and Robi pressed the button on their floor
When he got to the apartment Nellie went into the living room and lit the light on He went into the middle of the room he swung and his clothes lifted up and he said:
 If you're not tired I have another present for you I didn't eat anything today
Robby was thinking of another round but he didn't get the second sentence right away Nellie took the vodka bottle out of the closet:
- A vodka soda before another surprise? Or would you rather have my man clean?
Robbie nodded though he didn't pay much attention to what he was doing Nellie poured a drink for both of them and then threw herself in one of the chairs with her glass in her hand He put his foot on the coffee table
- Cheers To the birthday boy
Robi kneeled in front of him kissing Nellie's feet She opened her legs The man stroked his wife's legs through her knees to her thighs and reached up to her dress
- Looking for something? I said I haven't eaten anything today
'If it weren't for my birthday I'd offer to make you a sandwich' said Robi holding Nellie's cunt
 Are you sure this is the hole you're interested in the second time?
It was starting to fall off for Robbie He looked at Nelli with a grin She stood up:
- When you drink it follow me
He went into the bedroom Robi threw everything off and his wife went after him It was dark in the bedroom Robby lay gently touching the bed Nellie was already naked They kissed while touching each other's bodies where they valued him Robi's dick is really hard Nellie took the lubricant from the nightstand that his girlfriend brought from Munich He put a little on his finger
- Wait a minute you have to rub it on
- What's that?
"That too" whispered Nellie and smeared her butt cheeks " give me your cock" That too
Robby led Nellie's hand to his dick in the dark Nellie pulled the skin off Robi's acorn and gently smeared it In front of the man Red Stars were playing with pleasure
'But do it carefully please' said Nellie kneeling and putting her face on the sheet
He pushed his butt as far as he could and then he pulled his butt cheeks apart with both hands Robi got on his knees all excited put the tail in his wife's asshole and started pushing it gently in It was pretty good at first but it got stuck after a few inches He pushed me a little bit on the woman's butt and his dick slipped out of the hole They were laughing
Nellie tried to loosen his sphincter even more
- Do you have any more of that cream? - Robby asked
Nellie crawled to her bedside table to get the cream
- Here you go
Robbie kissed her they were kissing wildly and they were touching each other At the beginning of their relationship they never felt such a strong passion for each other Robbie turned his wife on her side kneeled to her ass and he went in again It went better this time slowly but surely and the first time he got it all the way down Meanwhile Nellie was sighing like a doctor Robi started fucking her ass He enjoyed getting his dick squeezed by Nellie's rectum but despite the cream there was no pussy moisture
- Does it hurt? - he asked


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