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Introduction: this is an untrue story that describes the life of a gay man Possible alignment with life is completely random
It's a supplement to my series "The Life of a gay man" in a single story that I'm going to break into two parts
The end of Lóri's life
In Lori's life it was seven months before another relationship He met his partner (Zolit) at a restaurant where his "first" dates took place He was 18 months older than her This relationship quickly (about) took place in three months and lasted another 199 months The "younger" male was 53 years old and the "older" male was 55 years old and 5 months old when they met about three months after "first date" there was a possibility of moving in together Which happens a few days later at Zoli The next 165 years went well between them It's far more professional and simple romantic events than sex Of course despite their ageing age it could not be excluded (or rather for that reason) either
Unfortunatelythe relationship ended in tragedy Lori turned out to be a cancer patient towards the end of the relationship The disease took him in 19 months Three months after the man's death Zoli followed him At the time of death Lori was 70 years old and 8 months old while Zoli was 72 years old and 6 months old when she passed away
II Life of Christopher and Csanád
Christopher (39 years 2 months) was still living with Lóri (53 years 1 months) when he met Chana (17 years 6 months) Secret dating lasted four months After the break-up of the two older men Christopher and Csanád were completely "tangled" So La mour middle-aged man and teenage boy The teenager was happy to find an experienced man who wouldn't take advantage of him or his emotions They spent a lot of time together They went on a lot of trips It has been 29 months since they first started seeing each other and 25 months since they were "only" in the relationship (since Lori and Christopher broke up in Hungary) when the possibility of moving in together for the first time came up After the first conversation of this kind it was five months before they finally decided to move in together At this time Christopher is 41 years old 7 months old while Csanád is 19 years old 11 months old and the La mour still rages between them which seems stronger than anything since two boys have already tried to approach and seduce (of course unsuccessfully) Csanád In addition one of the boys was in his classmate (gut; 20 years old 2 months old) while the other was in his classmate's cousin's brother-in-law (Jani; 21 years old 7 months old) Just after Christopher and Csanád moved in together the teenage boy was 20 his birthday for which Christopher threw a big surprise party and invited all his classmates and friends so there was Visca who as the party progressed managed to get a little chatty to hold him in his arms and kiss the boy he loves so much Of course all in a way that the "partner" can see Christopher knew very well that he could trust Csanad fully just as he knew how Viscount felt about his boyfriend Thus in essence the "guest" plan did not work at all because the boy had hoped that his classmate and his partner would have a fight thanks to this scene and this would give him a chance to hold the boy he loved in his arms not only for a minute or two but that he could spend an entire night with him after which he might instead of his current partner But they didn't because csan and his partner not only didn't fight but they basically kissed each other in front of everyone and officially announced that they had moved in together That really pissed viscera off and left the party
The party ended shortly after the announcement The two boys were finally in two It wasn't long before the last guest left and went to bed This night was all the more about how Christopher treats his birthday girl in such a way()


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