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I got excited in the limo Dasha turned on the stereo Of course the car was air-conditioned I didn't learn Russian in school so we communicated in English and of course with our hands and feet Dasha malibu mixed liquor with her pineapple juice and told me to taste it I don't drink alcohol but I liked it Dasha praised me a great deal and his hand kept landing on some part of my body but I didn't feel intrusive and I was glad we became such good friends Dasha knew the city knew where to go A gorilla walked us everywhere but he kept his distance We went to some boutique and Dasha wouldn't let me choose and she put stuff in my hands that I'd never worn before In the booth she willingly helped me dress undress and I tried the sexy white-sex translucent blouses and tiny miniskirts I was wearing black underwear made entirely of translucent material when he said I was very beautiful again and he hugged me from behind and kissed me on the neck gently caressed me as he did this morning but it wasn't for the camera it was for me and me My body was on fire and I closed my eyes Dasha slipped his hand into my pants and started caressing my Nunica I couldn't help spreading my legs Dasha used to caress me with practice and with two fingers he spread my lips and caressed me with his middle finger Now I understood what Angi was talking about and I felt almost small shocks when she touched me and there was something dripping from my vagina my heart beating in my ear and I started to sweat very quickly even though I wasn't and I soon got to know what an orgasm was I was still breathing when Dasha kissed me softly
We went shopping and we went on our way in our new sexy outfits and we even bought high-heeled shoes and then we had ice cream Dasha used to tease boys on the street and even make out with men It was dark when we got back in the limo It felt good to cool off Dasha mixed drinks took a sip leaned over me kissed me and let the cool drink into my mouth and stuck his tongue through This is the first time I've ever made out He held out the glass to me and now I took a sip Dasha pulled down her panties and pulled my hand to her vagina I caressed the rich pussy droppings she sighed and fell down in the seat I kept caressing I tried to do it the way she did to me and I remembered how Angi had satisfied herself Dasha was humping and he reached down and he put his finger in his vagina and he moved it in and then he took a finger first to his mouth and he licked it and then he sucked it and then he shoved it in his vagina He winked at me I knew what it meant I slowly stuck my finger in his vagina It was very hot and very slippery I got my fingers all the way down so I pulled them out and back in Dasha encouraged me and began to push her hips He stopped took my hand again but now two fingers began to suck so I pressed my two slimy fingers into his vagina sighed and made a strong stir on my fingers It scared the hell out of me when he came screaming I was glad to be able to repay your kindness We kissed again
Eli told me last night that if I thought I could move into the castle and get permission to wear my new clothes but I told him I didn't want to leave my friends so I went back to sleep with the others Angi and Ildi were happy to see me but some of them turned away when I came in and Anett was whispering about me with Vica but it didn't bother me much Angi told me that with Ildi they would do anything like me They both scored 60 points this afternoon like Dori Pearly and Kati
A lot of things happened to me in one day so I quickly fell asleep I woke up with someone next to me It was Angi
- You don't mind if I hide here
- No it's not
 I'm so excited about what you did to Dasha today
Angie hugged me and caressed me and I knew what she wanted To encourage you I caressed her breasts I felt good when I touched her breast He leaned closer and started kissing me His fingers soon found my clitoris and they were cleverly excited and I would have liked to move but I didn't want to make any noise


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