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Hello everyone
This is a story that happened this summer There will be no space persons
We helped my sister and her kids on the beach for a week because they had to go away They had an employee She's our age
We were staying at my sister's Entering the house right stairwell a little further with the girl's room Upstairs there was just a space which was the living room the bedroom and the kitchen In the middle there was a bathroom on the left separated by a wall
We've been working for two days 8: 00 am 8: 00 pm in the hot sun Before work we promised not to make love But it didn't That night we came home tired we ate we showered and we went to bed The TV was on because she was taking a shower and trying to find me down the stairs My girlfriend's wearing a long T-shirt and I'm wearing boxer shorts under the sheets It was exceptionally hot that night Testosterone went up in both our systems no matter the effort the girl in the bathroom and the vows I put my arms around him from behind and I put my boxer shorts down and I rubbed up against him And he pressed his butt against my little one and he started rubbing up against me


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