Petite Blonde Teen Has Rough Sex

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The office was slow the waiting room was quiet you could hear the clock ticking It's hot the air's not moving A middle-aged tastefully-filled lady arrived and I ignored her out of the corner of my eye Until our eyes met I was a little embarrassed because he had very sexy challenging eyes but I bought the game She had short red hairand a round sweet face and she was beautiful She flirted with me we kept seeing each other and we kept looking at each other She's at least 10 or 12 years older than me but those eyes and the size of her bosoms have turned me on We talked to our eyes for like 10 minutes and sometimes he'd laugh and he'd look back so joyfully it gave me the creeps
I was on my way out and I was looking at his eyes as I walked down the long corridor I couldn't stop smiling but she smiled back And as if I knew him I spoke to him:
- Hi - hi When you're done do you want to grab a cup of coffee?
- Hi - hi Sure I'm free I'd love to have coffee with you
We sat a little further talking Her name was twig and she smelled intoxicating and her eyes were glowing up close I didn't even introduce myself and she already told me she was divorced she had a son who's in college and she's still in school I mean he's all alone so I've come to a conclusion and that's an invitation I got around to it and he went in and I finally got a chance to see his ass Well he had a lot to sit on but he didn't look chubby he had a big tight ass
I went out for a smoke I hit the second one by the time the door opens I didn't turn around He's gonna slap my ass It was him
- I just dropped off a piece of paper Was I fast?
- Yes So where do we drink the coffee? There's this pizza place around the corner
- I'll make you a much better cup of coffee I live 200 meters away come on - he said in the end it was quite erotic
Are you a little hungry Mama? All right So we went up to him and I was waiting for him at the door but no He went to the kitchen to make coffee sat me down and offered me mineral water By the time the coffee's done we've already discussed that she's very hungry and I can't help myself and we're about to have huge sex And in a way that a 5-year-old could have heard it there was no mention of any sexual activity:
 So I'm alone in the afternoons and I often crave a hot cup of coffee So sweet  but they don't really drink coffee with me - of course I'm not just anyone :
- I like coffee with you I like your strong full-flavored coffee it's so delicious you can feel every drop of it on my tongue
- Gently sweeten it and stir it up? - I swallowed a lot apparently:
- Yeah I stir it up for a long time and sometimes I put a little bit in my mouth and savor it so I can enjoy the flavor as long as I can
And then one day in a big laugh he accidentally spilled something fibrous all over his neck and into the big tits Oh boy
- Oh You made me laugh If you have a few more minutes I'll get myself cleaned up
- Yeah I'm free - then he stood up and went out
I can hear the shower opening and I didn't just hear the water running So the door isn't closed I step out the kitchen door and I look in the direction of The Voice where she smiles at me from the mirror
- Come on I'm not shy We can continue this conversation
- I'll be right thereAlmost thereRight away - and I was already there I stopped at the door
- You dare not come in?
- My clothes will get wet
- Then take it off and come - he gave the order I obeyed He had a nice big corner tub we got comfortable We started kissing and he was eating my mouth like crazy and he was beating my dick with his hot hand
- Whoa whoa slow down
 No you're going to leave quickly and then you're going to be able to deal with me - and he wouldn't stop he knocked me down and he pressed his breasts against my mouth:
- Eat the tits enjoy enjoy  Meanwhile I reached between his thighs and excited him at the same rate By the time I thought of two I was gone but you were right because my erection was still there
He washed me thoroughly but he did not move away from my hands for a moment he enjoyed it very much and I know where to reach And then he sat on the seat and I knelt next to him and I kept on excusing him It didn't take much and he left with a big writhing Her pussy squirted a little and she immediately washed it off
- Sorry you don't mind do you?
- I've seen this before
- That was pee I had so much fun peeing my pants
- Hmm That's hot - and I looked at him with big eyes
- Hot??? Doesn't it disgust you? I was afraid I'd wet my pants in my big writhing which is why I lured you here so we could wash you off quickly
- Because you're disgusted?


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