Teen Chastity Lynn seduced by older couple

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Lately I've been thinking about how strange life is That when you've come to terms with something you can't have it you'll suddenly fall into your lap
At least it's typical of my life Of course you can't generalize everything but I've noticed that about certain things over the years That as long as I made my happiness conditional on having the things I wanted I couldn't reach them but when I accepted that I might never get them I got them
I didn't need much I had stupid pretentious needs I just wanted basic things So I can get my own little apartment and take a girl into a completely sane environment where my dad doesn't eavesdrop on my bedroom door while we're coming or he doesn't get matt drunk on TV and yell
- Affectionate You son of a bitch Can't you open your mouth? Can't you make a normal " a " sound? If I put it in him he'll be able to say it
A regular car and that after all these years I would finally be accepted into a job suited to my profession and that I would never have to do any more grunt work for little money
In my 30s when I'd come to terms with being a zero for the rest of my life the job and the house came together
In the evenings the sound of urban noise in my room seemed almost artistic compared to my mother's shriek and my father's roar The only problem I had was being alone My girlfriend and I split up a couple of months before that and all my friends got married and a lot of people had kids so the company rarely came together It's scary how things have changed in a few years A while ago we'd go out every night and we'd party on the weekends and then little by little people started falling apart and suddenly I realized it was Friday night and even my childhood buddy would spend more and more often at home with his wife even though before they got married they were bigger party people than I was
I didn't want another relationship yet I knew it would be the only way to forget Nora and be happy again but somehow I always chose to drink
In those days I wasn't in the mood for small talk The magic of booze was more important than pussy After a few shots have a beer in front of the TV at home alone…
I went down to the nearby pub that night in a similar mood
It's been a while I thought I'd check on Gábor the bartender and as usual have a little fun with life and women
It's a 40 - year-old lifeless form but I like it He's got some good catchphrases
When I walked in the door it was mostly the usual faces
A few old drunks with all due respect to them at the bar a couple of young people at the pool table and a woman I've never seen sitting alone at the table in the back corner
As usual I asked for a double vodka and as I know myself probably like I always do I drank it one shot and then I asked for another
Out of the corner of my eye I felt that woman at the back table watching me
When our eyes met I raised my glass and nodded
I wasn't smilingI was just being polite She also raised her glass to me and with a constant gloomy expression nodded and put the glass back on the table and after a few seconds she took a big sip of it Based on his face he was in his early 50s He had a little curly black hair up to his shoulders and kind of a girlie face
That's what got me and the look in his eyes the way he looked at his glass it seemed like something was bothering him I've always been attracted to older women Especially for the '30s and' 40s but sometimes when I walked through the streets of Pest I saw a woman in her 50s and ' 55 who seemed to have her breasts and her butt probably held only by her clothes her summer attire made it clear that her skin was even tighter than sagging more than once the main character of my evening Fantasy I've longed to sleep with an older woman for a long time but when I had a girlfriend it never crossed my mind and when I was alone I never dared take the initiative But that night thanks to my good old alcohol friend I wasn't afraid I took the whole bottle of vodka from Gabor and went to him I was hoping something would happen between us but I didn't think about how to pick her up or make her like meI just went there knowing that I would rather talk to her than listen to the bartender's high-pitched thinking If meg doesn't want to talk who cares?
- Good evening - I told you
She said hello but did not look up but continued to stare at her with a straight face


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