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Imagine a young 21-year-old at the time we lived in a small village in Borsod County I was average-looking blond-haired blue-eyed six feet tall I noticed a couple of girls but because I was very shy I never dared to initiate or respond to any signs To be fair I've masturbated regularly since I was a teenager mostly thinking about women in their 40s I didn't miss being in a relationshipI was masturbating and I wasn't pushing for girls
One evening in early August I was hanging out at the nearby fishing pond and my uncle was there in one person the janitor's security guard and the little fishing shop clerk We were drinking and then when it was about 11: 00 I decided it was time to go home I said Good-bye and headed for the village
Before I got to the asphalt road to our settlement I saw something strange On the opposite side two cars made a turn on a dirt road used by the tsz The two cars had just turned off their lights and pulled behind the rustle so that those who were on the road would not notice the vehicles not that there was too much traffic
It wouldn't have been that big of a deal but I did recognize that one of the cars belonged to a woman in the neighborhood named Nora
I've been fantasizing about him since I was a teenager Think of a good-looking 40-year-old woman typical Hungarian brown hair brown eyes about 5 '10" shapely body and shapely breasts pretty face I remember a typical case of him I was a 16-year-old boy when they moved to the village She was so sexy when she was working in a bikini in the garden At this time when I noticed I sat down in our garden with care not to see the lower part of the body in the grooves I was waiting for him to bend down with his back to me and I imagined he'd put a coup for me and I'd make him mine When I couldn't get an erection I got my stiff cock out through the gap between my shorts and my thighs I licked my acorn and I jerked it off with slow inconspicuous movements My jizz landed on the ground and my body shook I scooped up a tissue wiped my Acorn waited for my Manhood to fade and as if I had done my job well I put my tool away and went to the house to wash my hands So it's safe to say I got a crush on Nora But back to the original story
I had no idea why he was stopping there but I had this fantasy Her husband was a trucker and everyone knew their marriage was far from perfect So it could be a shepherd's clock The thought turned me on
I figured he couldn't see me and if I did I could see what he was doing and the other driver in the dark The road led me across a small bridge under which after great storms water could run down to the fishing grounds Through this I came to a deep ravine It was full of acacia trees and different bushes so I thought I could hide from it I snuck in as quietly as I could and hid behind a big elderberry bush and watched what was happening
Nora got out of the car wearing a one-piece summer dress with pale blue flower patterns even by the light of the moon I could see the line of her panties In the other car a guy got out about 50 probably half bald not too good-looking on a logo stomach Nora didn't waste any time and she told the man:
- I have half an hour
I felt that I was getting horny of course I thought it was pathetic that I was going to jerk off in front of me when I was that age to fuck her but I also knew that because of the extreme situation I was going to enjoy it a lot
The man unbuttoned his belt unbuttoned his pants and let it slip down his leg He was wearing boxers and he had his tail peeked out through his pants I have to admit it was bigger than mine Nora grabbed him and started playing with the foreskin The guy pulled the strap off Nóri's shoulder and his clothes fell on the grass She was wearing black French panties and her belly button was pierced I thought this jewelry was very sexy That's when I decided to drop my pants so I could masturbate more comfortably
The man's hands glided between Nora's thighsthe panty material touched the pubic hair and made a distinctive friction sound They started circling the labia I looked down at my dick and it was throbbing it was so stiff I knew if I pulled it twice I'd come and I'd be so horny On the other hand the man's Dick was still half-hard Nora got down on her knees and put his penis in her mouth and I was about four or five feet away and I heard the faint squeal and the man's sighs I licked my finger and I just started stroking my Acorn while I was enjoying the view It took him a few minutes to suck his dick hard When she was satisfied with the results she stood up and pulled her panties off and her pubic hair was clipped and I thought it was very erotic She spread her legs smoothed over her pussy and with her hands she began to stir her clitoris()


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