teensloveblackcocks – My Temporary Black Boyfriend

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I hung out all day on the end of May and I was wondering if we should go to the beach or take a bath in Live Water I was ready I put on my swimsuit I was wearing shorts and I was just about to leave and my friend was on the phone and he said If I had time to leave I should give him my car because his car wouldn't start and he'd go to work Well I threw the chain off and I went with a bitter taste gave him the key exchanged a few words and then he went to work I went to the garage in the back and the driveway was a little sloping so I rolled the car out and started looking I looked around the cables batteries etc Meanwhile I noticed her sunbathing behind the garage in a very small thong and her mother in a barely-covered bra He kept looking at me drinking something and smiling I didn't put it on at first but it was pretty intense after a while I was looking at the car about two hours ago and I noticed a tiny glitch on one of the cables that wasn't in sight Meanwhile my buddy's mom got up and came to me and asked me if she had a lot of problems I said no it won't be long Then he asked me if I wanted something cool I told you a glass of Orange would be fine With that momentum he kept going and he was gone for a good 10 minutes And then when he came out I could see he was a little tipsy and in a better mood I drank orange juice and asked him where I could find some hand sanitizer I went and washed my hands with that After I went back there was a bottle of orange juice and a piece of fruit vodka bottle with about a shot of stuff in it I told him the car was ready and I asked him if he wanted a ride Ica just said No because she doesn't want to go anywhere At that moment something cold ran through my back and I felt a little tingling from the next sight There sat across from me a relatively self-sustaining woman in a very narrow thong and with almost no breast cover I stopped for like two or three seconds and he just took it off like something was going on inside me Did he ask if I wanted something to drink? Of course I thought of alcohol immediately and he thought of a tension-reliever
- Something strong please - I told you
- Vodka Tequila? - he asked
"Tequila" I replied
 If you want tequila I'm gonna have to go in for salt and lemon
"All right" I said
He stood up and went in He came back in about five or six minutes and brought the salt and lemon Meanwhile I was thinking and I was horrified at myself who's always into young bitches and now he's trying to bang a woman with him for nearly 20 years who's also his friend's mother Well that's niceI said it to myself and I thought about it Just as I fell into my mental state he was standing next to me with a bottle of tequila and the ingredients He put it down in front of me and prepared the little glass for it I took the Salt tequila and lemon with me and I got the first round as quick as I could He immediately observed that there should not be too many
All I could say was Don't worry about me And he let go of his first ambiguous sentence:
- It would be a shame if we had a bad night because of such a nasty incident
Here I felt like I had to take another lap because my heart was beating like crazy
In the meantime we had a little chat:
- Do you have a girlfriend?
- No I don't
- And you don't want one(pause) or haven't you found one yet?
- Well I haven't found it yet
And then I saw him reaching for tequila and he pulled one clean off
- Isn't that a little harsh? - I asked him
- Not really and I need a little encouragement
I thought to myself " he needs a good fuck if he's so ambiguous" It's been about two hours and the booze is kicking in We had a pretty good chat and I noticed you were showing off in little tiny little moves I heard a voice inside me saying it was now or never I stood up and told him I was going to the toilet
'All right' he replied and I noticed looking back that he was getting his act together because I think he was pretty excited too When I came back I stood in front of him and watched him challenge himself()


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