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Tuesday nights are always a little scattered especially the second Tuesday of every month This is the meeting of the Kiwanis Club which runs from 6: 30 to late at night But May and I don't come home until 5:00 There's no need to worry about dinner because this gathering includes dinner but may My wife always has something to do before we go The real problem is she's three months pregnant and her hormones are pretty intense
To me she's still the woman I married four years ago But now that she's pregnant it's hard for me to leave her alone for one night May has a good build He's about 5 ' 7 " and weighs 55 kg His light brown hair is accompanied by beautiful blue eyes Just my type Her breasts fit right in the palm of her hand But it's not the look that I like most about himit's that he's smart he's funny and he's very direct Of course it doesn't matter what it looks like
By the wayI have to be there at 6:10so I'm gonna go take a bathget dressed kiss my wifeget in the carand it's 11:00 but sometimes I get home after midnight This meeting won't be any different
After the showerI got dressedgrabbed my briefcase and ran into the garage through the kitchen
On the wayI grabbed May's assand she was sitting by the oven and I kissed her by the neck It always shakes when I kiss her there I looked back at him from the garage once
It was tempting to miss the meeting and stay home and finish the baby monitor cameras
It'll take 30 minutesand the monitors will show the images May always appreciated my little successes which gave me a kind of a push to finish
I got in the car and activated the garage gate and started the engine I put my bag in the passenger seat and made sure I had everything I needed? Cell phone pocket calculator notebookeverything Then I backed out into the streetwaved to May Before I could put the car in gearor before I could close the gate my phone rang As soon as I said helloI looked at the kitchen window from which May was wavingand I saw that she had already left
- Gary Good thing I caught you The meeting tonight is cancelled The president Everett and Jules have been invited by the city board so they can't come so we thought that since the leader and the two secretaries are not presentonly those who have to come must come Of courseif you have something urgent to tell me you're welcome to come
Needless to say I was happy to have the night off I backed into the garage and I was glad to see May didn't go back to the kitchenseeing me like this He must think I'm gone so I can surprise him later I lowered the garage and I rested in the car for a few minutes
I decided to order pizza for tonightnot bore May with making dinner or taking the time to make it I just wanted to do the baby monitors now
It was all doneexcept for the connection between the garage and the cameras
The camera itself was good work It's so smallMay hasn't even noticed itand they've been in the corner for ten days I put them on sooner
May always mentioned how many babies these cameras saved in the hospitalso I Wired the House I decided to put cameras all over the house
The control panel is in the bedroombut since I've been spending a lot of time in the garage latelyI've installed one there too with speakers and Tv Like I said the whole thing was just a hair away from finished before I mentioned it to May So I decided to see if I could be ready to be with her before I collapsed in front of the Tv or Mayen That sounds even better So I got out of my car and started working
It was about 20 minutes before everything seemed to work so I started testing the microphones It could have been switched on separatelyor I could hear them all at the same time through the 5 speakers I quickly tested them separately starting with the one in the living room They worked perfectly because I heard May taking a shower from the microphone in the bedroom
Then I turned them all on at the same timebroadcasting their transmissions to the garageand I started making the final repairs on the monitors
I felt strange when I heard someone talking in the living room May seemed to be talking to someone on the phone I turned the volume up a little bitand it worked perfectlyand I could hear everything clearly The $ 20 I spent on the 5 speakers was worth it
- Ralph it's May If you can come by 7:00 the coast is clear honey - I heard my wife's voice
- Okay honey I'll be right there I'm not gonna be latewe don't have a lot of time as usualandnoit's not gonna help you to ask again - There was a pauseand then May giggled and hung up
What the hell was that all about? What about Ralph? Well the only Ralph I know is Ralph Jenkins His wife Crystal and May were roommates in college()


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