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he stands with his eyes closed in front of the window and the moon sweeps through the dark room His hands on the window glass slowly sliding down The music in his head it's pumping through his senses riling up his nerves and yet it calms him down smooths him out His nails are clenched on the glass to the rhythm of the song Sitting across from each other watching nothing the more I grab the less I have in my hands Can I trust you forever? - sing the song Softly
As opposed to the dark Hilltop a reflector cuts bright light in the night - as if a knife blade were passing through the night The light that swells in the rising mist is multiplying on the flatbed Somewhere deep inside there's a tremor crawling all over her body At first he's not paying attention he's still staring at the moon that's disappearing The headlight is thrown away sweeping the fields cutting one last one through the dim room
His feet are tingling as the engine goes through his ears The feeling starts slowly up along the legs down the knees as if by the touch of breath-like fingers on the hips the humming moves down the spine and continues at the back of the neck
The engine noise is dying Silent footsteps on the pebbles the song stops and in the silence of the moment you can hear a hesitant hand strolling through the wall looking for a handhold-the same hand-warm throbbing skin which was heated from desire to whiteness- the lock clicks careful steps looking for the stairs the tree starts to whine His hand slowly slides down the glass drops it down beside him and waits with a trembling body
He can't help but drift his body sideways to the rhythm of the next song counting the seconds until they get behind the silent footsteps A few inches behind him he can't see it but he can feel his breath on his neck his scent in his nose the all-consuming ecstasy that makes the blood rush through his veins and the radiance of the body which he would recognize anywhere any time
He would move with impatience to the body behind him but the forward-swung palm on his shoulder would stop him
Two soft hands caressing his shoulders arms hips and waist backwards to rest under the breasts as if he had always belonged there
The woman's hand slowly moves up and down behind her back - purposefully strolling along without looking at the thighs hips and flat belly to stop at the waist of her trousers He slides his hands back a little bit and pulls the man closer to him by the waist of the trousers his butt caresses in his lap and pushes one foot between the knees to be as close as possible to the palpable throbbing
He sighed with relief when the man's hand covers his breast gently caressing the mounds as he covers the woman's neck with small kisses whose knees tremble from the touch and hands her head over the man's shoulder His hands caress the body of a man and they clasp at the back of his head - as if offering themselves to the caressing hands The man's mouth is now on the back of his head and his hands are constantly looking at every corner and bend of the woman's body almost folding her blood in front of him and then turning her by the hips and holding her against the wall with a negligent motion Her legs spread out her knees her hands hunger to search under the underwear and she gently strolls down her lap triggering little sighs The girl almost puts herself on her fingers while one hand grabs her back the other hand quickly presses the spell and then pulls the material apart in an impatiently motion She throws herself hungry on the man's neck and kisses him biting the skin gently as if his life depended on it
Her hips are stretched to the man and she can feel the tensile tool through the rough canvas material and she peels her lover out of her pants with trembling fingers so she can feel it on her skin
She almost cries from the moment's pause while the search fingers move away from her lap holding her hands down so that she can return with the same motion to the warm moisture between her legs while her tongue is already on her cleavage with a torturous slowness towards her breasts and then after a few pleasurable kisses they move towards her lap
On the first soft touch fingers reach into her hair and a lustful moan leaves her lips With her tongue she gently pushes into her flesh gently stimulating her clitoris while her fingers still caress the delicate skin of the vagina The girl breathes breathlessly and a few moments later the sweet torture spits her back into an arc throbs her lap takes her breath away and climbs to the top with a voluptuous sigh The man accumulates with small kisses the inner half of his thighs and the abdomen while the fingers of the woman gently plough across the back of his head and then crawl over the collar of the torn shirt to hold his lover He attaches eagerly to it his lips stick to the man's clavicle his hands go through every inch of the man's body and then they bother with the pants


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