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We've known each other for a year we're friends nothing ever happened between us but when I saw him at our gate that afternoon I felt something He looked the same as before and it wasn't unusual for him to come over sometimes talk to me or bring a movie but now it was something else
I let him in he was bringing a movie We went up to my room and started watching
I was just staring at the screen but I couldn't really listen not now I had such a craving he was sitting next to me wearing jeans and a black long-sleeved top with blond hair covered in gelatin but I'd love to dig in I'd like to lean over and kiss her wonder what she'd say I'd sit on his lap caress him rip his top off kiss his torso all the way to his jeans unbutton him and
- Hello? Do you even hear what I'm saying? What's the matter with you?
- I'm sorry? Sorry I was just thinking- I could feel myself blushing
- I can see that And what was so distracting?
If you only knewI thought so but I can't answer that
"Nothing in particular" I murmured " but what were you going to say?"
- That I don't understand women - and he started we're in business
And he just told and told
And I was thinking about jumping on it and he noticed
'You don't listen to a word I say' he said in a tone of indignation ' and my room set off
towards the door
- Wait wait wait I'm sorry I'm sorry I don't know what's wrong with meI've been daydreaming
He stopped looked at me
- About what? - he was still grumpy
Oh you want me to confess or you want me to come up with something real quick? What do you want me to do? I was embarrassed I'm about to cryI don't want to be in an awkward situationI'm already on it I get it
I couldn't look at her I just looked at the carpet He sat back next to me
- Is there a problem? - he asked
- No I don't - I answered
- Then what? - he asked me questions
I looked at her and in that moment I felt lost She looked at me with her green eyes and I couldn't control myself anymore so I kissed her
We looked at each other he was surprised I was surprised I wanted to get up run out of the room out of the world He took my hand and pulled me to him and he kissed me wildly caressed me first my back then my breasts He started unbuttoning my shirt and then his hand just stopped He looked at me
- What are we gonna do? - he asked but his voice fell
Well I could think of something to say but I kissed her instead to dispel all her doubts


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