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My phone rang Suddenly I didn't know where I was let alone where my phone was I was just heading to the usual place on my phone and I'm very happy to see that it's still there Who's calling? Barbara's my ex I'll get it:
- Hello?
- Hi - hi Are you going to school today?
- What day is it today?
- Wednesday
- Then I guess not Why?
- And your folks home?
- I don't think so Why?
- Wow
- Oh yeah?
 The thing is I'm supposed to be writing five papers today and I couldn't study till 3: 00
- Yeah And?
- Well I don't want to go to school today but my mom's home
- Meaning?
 I mean if it's okay with you can I study at your place in the morning?
- You know I don't like you hanging out
- I know I know Please
- All right come on
- Okay I'll be there in half an hour
All right I've got half an hour to make sure I'm really alone and the ancients aren't coming home early I cleaned up a little bit and I called my folks who do what where they go They really don't get home till sometime in the afternoon It's been about half an hour since I've made my desk usable which is almost always so full of papers that although it's more than two people and a TV on the computer monitor I'm a little short of paper Now this pile of paper has been arranged or at least by Category rotated with the coating of another shelf
The doorbell rang So I went to the door in my usual short-sleeved pyjamas I let Barbara in quickly it wasn't cold but it wasn't too pleasant in short pajamas So we gave each other the welcome kiss inside the door
- I see you just woke up - Barbie looked down at you so strongly
- Yeah but what makes you say that?
There was no answer because he was taking off his shoes and I looked down and I saw how he said it and I understood An infallible sign of bachelor life and early risings under my pyjamas which he used to love to check out but he used to pet it Yeah well it wasn't but I had a half-stiff tail that supported my pajama pants What to do but it didn't really bother me Before that why be shy because we know each other inside out We were together for six months and then we split up as friends Actually I was planning on taking advantage of the free uninterrupted morning so I wouldn't have to turn down the computer or the videos but the visit was interrupted
We went up to my room He did bring something to study with him and he took it out We had a little chat and then she asked me if she could use my computer because there's a text that she needs to take up and it's easier with the online dictionary
- Sure why don't I go take a bath anyway
If masturbation is canceled I'll at least take the bath afterwards I always take my clothes off in my room and go to the bathroom in the other room especially when I'm home alone In the summer I don't even dry much so I let the evaporation water cool me down while it still can Barbie knew that but she definitely lost an eye when I pushed my pants up to my ankles almost at the same time as I finished my sentence and I stepped out of it with a cool move I took my top off when I got to the door There was a chair I usually put my clothes on there
- Mm-hmmThis is interesting My dick is hard I guess you're not so cold to her after all or just because I'm naked in front of another person for the first time in months? I don't knowwe'll find out I'm not gonna hold back that's for sure I left the door openI started leaking water in the tub Barbie asked me one more question so I walked back the way I was when mom gave birth to me naked with a dick standing I looked up the dictionary page from the favorites and then back in the tub there was a lot of water so I fell in I took a deep bath when Barbie showed up at the door under the pretext of another question which was back to me but gave her perfect insight I answered but in the meantime I continued My thorough cleansing which was specifically a shower of my dick and my acorn and a clean tug Barbie had a little time leaning against the door and then she went back to my room after all I've been thinking maybe he touched himself and we should bust him if he did I got out of the tub quickly and took my towel and went to my room
I'm not disappointed Barbie ball's hand was actually pulled out of her pants when she saw me
- What are you doing? - I asked him naked with a standing cock and a grin
- Nothing
- Yeah I know your little nothing How long have you been doing this? You can't resist that much?
- No need to be mean
- I'm not being meanI'm just asking See I've been standing here since this morning


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