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I have an apartment I live alone with my son I broke up with my boyfriend a long time ago I've known Steve for four or five years and I've only met him once in Canada Since then we've been in a long-distance relationship talking on skype and msn He has a lot of work to do and I have a lot of things to do here in Hungary
One day I heard he was coming to see me because he wanted to see me I didn't know where to go even though I didn't think long-distance love would work We had to meet sooner or later It was platonic love for a long time He wrote down my address although he didn't really know how to come to our country It's a good thing you speak a little English I speak English we complement each other very well He also got a satellite image of where he was supposed to be
I started getting ready to see her I have to tell you there's a difference in age between us and I'm 23 and Steve's 53 It didn't matter then and it didn't matter now Handsome handsome and very charming green-eyed thick dark-haired tall man
I opened the door looked out into the street Lucky for me the plane was late so I had time to make dinner before it arrived He stayed with my son's friend for a few days Steve couldn't spend more than a few days at my place either waiting for his work outside working as a screenwriter I did all the work and now I'm just trembling with nervousness waiting for Steve at the door He barely made it there but they gave him directions I was going to pick him up but I was going to pick him up for tonight and I was going to pick him up
I left the door open a crack it was summer it was hot I was walking around I was dressed for his reception wearing a red skirt with a side cut I heard a knock and I rushed there Steve came in hugged me and kissed me We haven't moved on yet We tried to eat but our stomach was shaking like crazy The last time I saw him on camera I thought he was handsome but he looked really good the first time I met him We also sent each other pictures and we enjoyed the second live meeting that night
She's been smiling at me all night just like I've been smiling at her There was something strange and very strange about us like the first time we saw each other I put in a DVD it was a long movie but it was nice We sat close told each other everything that happened to us Steve took my hand I got the shakes We didn't wait for the end of the movie we had a glass of wine that Steve brought us from Canada He was leaning against the wall next to the couch You could tell he wanted to kiss me but he did Our hands entwined and with his other hand he held my waist and kissed me tenderly His tongue gently caressed mine and as I felt my fear was fading I went through his hair You kissed me hard as you saw and I'm not resisting I had a strong tingling coming out of my stomach He drew closer towards me and I could feel his manhood stretching through his trousers He held me close to him whispered in my ear "I've been waiting for you I want you so much" I wished for her too I could feel my panties all wet He kissed me in the neck and I got the chills in a good way I asked Steve if he wanted to take a bath with me He wanted to take a shower too but first he started slowly winking at me with a question dragging his hand across my butt My skirt was gently pulled up and then it came off I put my mind to it not just him I pulled his fly off and took his pants off So we began to undress each other We were moving forward gradually He started kissing again wherever he could My whole body was covered in kisses my vagina was throbbing with excitement I could see the excitement on Steve as he pressed against me again felt his hard masculinity between my legs Steve took my wet panties off because when he reached in he got his hands all wet on my thighs We went into the shower because we almost slept on the couch because we wanted each other so badly and we didn't want to just rush into each other all of a sudden Steve's very sexy naked and he's got a stomach but he makes me excited He looked at me with vague eyes as we fell under the faucet We bathed each other He used shower gel on my wet body and kissed me I washed his back I covered his body By this time his manhood was well-adjusted


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