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It was July the sun was already high in the sky when I remembered I hadn't been near water this year I quickly put on a bathing suit picked up a towel and then I rolled to the nearby riverbank which I used to go to every year I had a little place that only I knew about Two sides of the shore were lined with trees and a narrow bay was formed by the river When I got there I was surprised to see someone there It was weird because this place was invisible from the trees and I haven't told anyone yet I thought to myself I'm not turning back and this is my seat anyway so I hit a tree on my bike and headed for the beach When I got closer I noticed a young girl lying on the beach
He was lying on his stomach sunbathing The sun glistened on her fine bronze-brown skin and this if possible emphasized the features of her body even more I just stood there staring at Globo Gym buttocks and shapely thighs and I didn't even realize she was looking at me After a while the girl spoke:
- Hi - hi - I was blushing and I didn't know what to say and all I could say in my confusion was a smirk and she smiled
- Have you been coming here long because I haven't seen you? She asked me
- Yeah - yeah I come down once or twice a year This is my hangout Do you mind if I go for a swim? I still asked a little embarrassed She just nodded and I threw myself in the water
I couldn't spend much time in the water when I saw the girl trying to put the sunscreen on her back I swam ashore quickly and offered to help her which she accepted Her skin was very warm and silky and her touch gave me a hard-on I gently spread the cream on his back He enjoyed it too because sometimes he sighed up and down I don't know what got into me but suddenly I realized that my hands were on his round bottom and I was caressing it She didn't say anythingshe just opened her legs like she said not just my butt She was wearing a little two-piece bathing suit that cut a little off her butt I followed this line and I slipped my hand down her pussy I was surprised at how warm and wet it was I got all excited and I caressed her and kissed her neck She turned around and kissed me back
My hands were under her bathing suit and I stroked her very very wet pussy He wasn't idle either First he caressed my back then gently slid his hand down my chest all the way down to my penis You've been here a long time I freed her shapely breasts and began to kiss them fiercely Meanwhile she took off her bathing suit and freed me from my tight pants I don't have a very large penis but she was satisfied with the size of it because she was giving him a massive massage Then he tried to take it out on you because he couldn't take it anymore but I slipped out of his hands and started kissing his hot pussy I played my tongue gently with her labia sometimes gently touching her clitoris She really enjoyed it because my head was all over her()


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