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There is a Chinese shop in my residence which has been owned by Chinese people living in Hungary for three generations Our story takes place a few years ago It happened on Wednesday after the boss told me there'd be no more work this week because there's no dope I went to the Chinese after work to buy some cheaper footwear It was summer so I ended up in sandals As I was looking at it a little Chinese lady came up to me Anyone who knows the Chinese knows it's impossible to tell their age at first He asked me in perfect English:
- Hi can I help you?
- Hey I need sandals on this leg - I pointed to my 45 paddles She looked down at my legs
- Hm Size 44-45 that's up there - pointed to the top of the shelf system - I'll get a ladder and climb up - he said and he pulled the ladder that could slide on the track and then he climbed up As he searched and stretched his miniskirt went up a bit allowing you to see even more his beautiful butt covered with a girl's panties The panties covering almost his whole buttocks which were clenched to his body rather highlighted his sexy lines And then he just tilted and he would have fallen if I hadn't caught him But since I was on my guard I held her in my arms as the bride would be on her wedding night at the bedroom door
- Thank you  he said and then I put him down and he went to the counter and then he came back and he climbed up the ladder again - What exactly are you thinking? - he asked I had a boner in my pants at the time so I made an old joke
- Specifically to fuck but I also want a sandal
- He's funny How about this?  and he took a box from the top row and went down He opened the paper and took out a pair of drapes - You want to try it on?
- Yeah sure - I told you I kicked off my slippers and put on my sandals The little girl leaned forward to see if it was good Her small but shapely breasts gave her perfect insight
- How's that? - he asked
- I like it - I told you  I'm sorry I'm not trying to get to know you I was just wondering how old you are
 Monday was my 18th birthday By the way I'm Betty I know I don't look 15 but that's how we Chinese are How old are you?
- Me? I turned 38 at the beginning of the year By the way I'm Sam - I gave you my work nickname
- So you'll take it?
- El - I told you Meanwhile there was a car parked behind the store in the parking lot
- Dad and dad are hereI'm free 'she said' If you want to wait you can wait'
- Okay - okay  I told you and I bought a car magazine at the newsstand next to the store The girl came out in five minutes
- Listen do you want to help me shop for the weekend? You know I have a gypsy friend whose parents lent me the cottage and we'll be there I know it's a little surprising that a gypsy family can afford a weekend home but his parents actually work
- Okay - okay I'm inI'm in - I agreed We went shopping for the weekend and headed to the resort by the beach We went through the plant and ended up at the type a cabin about 3 to 400 meters from the other houses There was a small wooden fence around the cottage
- Well here we are - enthusiastic Betty
- Nice vacation spot - I got it - You want me to bring the stuff in?
- Well if you could help me that would be great
We brought the stuff in and then his girlfriend came downstairs She was wearing a two-piece bathing suit in a thong Her little brassiere barely covered anything from her beautiful big breasts And Betty locked the door and then she looked at her brunette friend and they both looked at me The two girls were looking crazy and I was starting to get a boner again and they had to notice that too
- Do you want anything for helping us?
- Can I ask for anything?
- Well that depends - said the Gypsy  By the way I'm Gennifer and I'm 18 - he introduced himself
- I'm Sam
- What do you want?
- Look Girls It gets a little weird at first but my girlfriend left three months ago and I haven't been with a woman since and I want her to pull your panties down - I barely said it and the panties are already falling off and the girls are out of it - So I'm really horny if you know what I mean In short I want to fuck - I added it and I pulled out of my pants my boner
- Hmit's big "said Betty stepping out of her miniskirt taking off her blouse and then putting jelly on her bra" The two girls were naked as a mother The girls had one thing in common: they both had smooth-shaven pussy they were different in everything else Betty was skinny but she had a first-rate butt and she had nice little breasts while Genny was a bigger one with big but not huge breasts and also a great ass - Now listen to me Sam Stay with us till Sunday night and do whatever you want with us whatever you want whenever you want and you can talk to us any way you want()


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