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I'm a 38-year-old woman with a successful marriage My husband and I Lived Well he was in a good position he made good money I had time and money to be "beautiful" A beautician a hairdresser a lot of gymnastics all fit in here I had a great figure slim long thighs big breasts Besides I didn't have any small breasts left after giving birth and all the gymnastics helped me so much that my boobs weren't hanging even though they weren't rock solid but they were in shape
With my husband the sex became more and more discerning more and less common I didn't cheat on her but I wanted something exciting Then one day my husband and I went to a corporate event at a hotel About 150 people were invited and we didn't know much of that because there were many subsidiaries My husband and I arrived around noon the event was at night Our afternoon was free we went to the pool to bathe sunbathe It was afternoon my husband went out to drink with a friend got tired of sunbathing and I went to take a shower The men and women's showers were open from a common lobby and at first I thought there was no one there but then I heard voices in the men's shower I was gonna go take a shower but then I heard what they were talking about
- Come on Zoli you think because you have such a big dick you can have all the women?
 I didn't say that but most women cheat on their husbands who aren't married and they're whores anyway
- Do you think all women are whores? Come on there are nice women
- Who like to taste guys the same way sometimes That's why I'm not getting married I'm living my life
- I see you're a rare hog Who are you after now?
- I don't know maybe a maid will do it first and then we'll see
I was amazed to hear the harsh words and I was curious to know who felt that way about women I took a careful look Two 35-year-old guys in the shower one tall thin the other strong muscular Then I saw them from the front They were pretty boys and the muscular guy had a really big dick The kind you only see in movies big fat dick I just watched the soft thick piece of meat swing between his legs And then the guy looked at me and I went out fast and I hope he didn't see me
I went into the shower but I couldn't get what I saw out of my head Half an hour later when I was dressed I had his dick in my head in my room but then I got strong What kind of stupid woman am I? I saw a big dick and I can't stop thinking about it? I'm not some stupid teenage mature woman anymore As soon as I calmed down and had time I thought I'd have a drink I was in a bikini and I ordered drinks at the bar There were so few people at the bar I was drinking The bar girl asked me if I wanted anything else because she needed to go away for a few minutes I let her go and I was alone But she just didn't show up so I thought I'd pour myself a drink and pay for it I went behind the counter and I was looking in the drinks and there was a familiar voice behind me
- Hey girl make me some blood-boiling drinks
I looked back it was the man with the big dick I could see his dick I was blushing and suddenly I couldn't say anything The man misunderstood
- Take your time girlI'll take what's in your hand
I poured it for him The man gazed at my breasts with impudence which was visible from behind the counter
 I've never seen you here beforeyou're so hot
- Uh thank you
 I'm glad I saw you
I was blushing when I knew I should have told you you were wrong But I liked playing with the big man
- Honey do you have a boyfriend?
- Of course I have a husband but he's not here
- It's good he's not hereI'm sure he wouldn't like you checking out the guests in the shower You think I didn't notice you peeking when I was in the shower? If the hotel manager finds out about this they'll probably fire me and he's a good friend of mine But if you're a good girl I won't tell her
I smiled to myself that she thought I was a silly goose and wanted me so easily But that's when I saw the barmaid coming back
- Uh I gotta gomy shift partner's coming
I quickly went out from behind the counter and went to the dressing rooms I noticed the guy standing up and following me At the cabins I went to my booth but when I walked in the guy behind me
- Come on chicken that's not good enough for me
He closed the door behind him and held me from behind I felt on my butt that his big dick was getting hard kissing my neck holding my chest forward I should have driven him away but I didn't Why is that? It's obvious Because I was overwhelmed by some strange excitement that sometimes tempt women Adventure desire excitement The man knew right away that he was successful My Bikini top pulled it up and grabbed me by the chest that came out He worked them out grabbed them It was a small place and with my hands against the wall I leaned forward a little In the meantime Zoli with his other hand pulled down my panties which I obediently laid down on the floor()


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