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In summer on the beach the changing rooms are quite often shifting the visitors it's worth observing who's coming and who's leaving and if you're good and you find a hole under the bench you can see the parts of the dressing rooms from the bottom view I've always been interested in girls ' pussy but I've also been interested in men's nice long dicks Of course I was just curious to make a comparison Then of course I found a cabin where the strange hole was very large It was so big my three fingers could fit through it I figured that one side of a man goes in and he can put his dick in the other side and if there's someone there he gets to enjoy it and suck it off Or if you want you can just find a nice big cross-country cock and fuck yourself for your own pleasure I once went into a cabin like this and I didn't see anyone looking through it but my imagination was working Soon after I helped him with my hands my dick got hard and then a tongue waved through the hole calling me I put it through the hole as a test and I was very surprised when a hot mouth took care of it I was so scared I almost pulled her back but in fact the treatment was so pleasant I just stuck to the wall to get as many of them through as I could And the other one with his very gentle tongue was circling caressing and sucking my dick after a while and I told him that I was doing very well and I was going to come and be careful because I was spraying him and the other one didn't care but he continued to suck his dick with maybe even more heat and he was happy to suck all the cum out of my dick After the pleasure I was actually curious to know who did such a good thing to me and tried to find out and waited outside the door to see if he'd come out But no other men came into the same cabin after me and each one came out with a very large excitable penis which led me to believe that they had been treated as well as I have After a long wait and a great patience I found out that a woman had come out of the cabin in which I had dipped my penisa very very nice-looking lady had walked out of the cabin with a beautiful bosom and a nice-looking ass and apparently with a big cum-filled smile I took a good look at him so that whenever he's on the beach I can see when he's going into the cabin and offer him my dick The next day it gave me a boost and I went to the beach but the Dear Fairy was nowhere to be seenafter a little look I went to the cabin to refresh my memory and went to the neighbor where I saw no one That's what I saw and I got excited and I moved my prancing dick when I could see it disappear in him To my great surprise this time a deliciously hot pussy was on top of him and he slipped on it and what a technique he could use to milk my cock so I passed out almost because of the situation I soon filled his pussy up Then soon he turned and tried to breathe life back into my cock with his mouth He gave me a very good blow job and my cock was ready to fight again And then he turned around and slipped again with his butt and with the same enthusiasm of diligence It took a little longer now but I really enjoyed watching him play with his butt squeeze and smoke and then swallow it again After I fucked my dick he cleaned it off with his nimble tongue After another long wait and a long distance to my surprise was the woman in the cabin who I had no idea was so famished She had a beautiful daughter and I liked her very muchI approached her several times but I never really got a result Well then I thought I'd go to her mom's after this Look at his daughter fuck his mother with a password I thought I found the right one Of course I didn't want to rush into the house with a doorknob I waited on my way home and we talked I told him about my adventure which he couldn't believe Of course I didn't say I knew who the horny woman was We were just talking at the end and I just said " it would be nice to meet that beautiful sexy sexy woman" She didn't answer me directly she just asked me to help her move her room because her little girl's busy She's always hanging out with her boyfriend Did I ask you if tonight was okay? No not today but the night after tomorrow that'd be great He's going to the beach tomorrow and he'll probably be tired tonight I was happy about the deal and I never said I was gonna be at the beach tomorrow But I was hoping to fuck her through the wall again I could hardly sleep at night I turned around with a standing cock waiting for the morning I didn't want to jerk off when I got a good horny pussy like you waiting for me
I got to the beach almost First I ran into the cabin and I tested it and I said " is there a reception?" Nowhere-nothing


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