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I'm a 23-year-old law student Eveand I've had a tough exam I have passed several exams but the story of one of my exams is very different from the other and very adventurous and exciting I couldn't prepare myself for this particular exam because the two weeks that would have been the preparation period were different I was at the lake and the original idea was to study there for the next exam But fate intervened My cousin Thomas came down to our summer house and he graduated from college six years older than me I've always liked it very much but I can't with a relative of course But this may things were different We were watching TV one night after I finished studying and Thomas came home after a day with his friends It was cold in May so I was wearing black tights denim skirts and a blouse I was sitting on the couch with my legs up watching the movie and Thomas was sitting in the chair I could see he'd been drinking and watching my legs I used to imagine it was inside me fantasizing about what it would be like to lick I broke up with my boyfriend and I hadn't been with a guy in two months In the movie they were kissing in a scene where Thomas stood up and sat next to me We didn't say a word when he gently caressed my shin and then my thighs We started kissing and as he pulled me to him I felt his dick hard I opened his dick out of his pants and started sucking
'That's right do it suck my dick' he whispered and I sucked his dick hard
I knew I was gonna suck his dick that this adventure would only begin this way It wasn't easy I had to suck and beat him for a long time and I thought maybe this afternoon he could have been with a woman And then I felt his body twitch and he was squirting in my mouth
"Suck it honey" he sighed and my mouth was full of semen
I swallowed them all and I couldn't wait for them to be inside me We took our clothes off and after he licked me to enjoy it we fucked Till Dawn He came into me twice and I left like ten times It's been a wonderful 10 days He used to bring home porn and we'd spend a lot of time in bed and we'd drink and fuck like rabbits At the end of the 10 days I couldn't even sit a lot my pussy was aching from all the fucking Of course the study was overshadowed and I looked at the books but Thomas's desire to resurrect over and over again and of course my desire was not allowed to prepare properly And the day before the exam Thomas came up with another surprise He came home with two friends and two girls and whispered in my ear :
- Today will be a wonderful ending
We ordered pizza and then we started drinking beer The girls and the boys were so hot they made out and then the two girls started sucking on the boys I was turned on by the situation too and I opened Thomas ' cock and started sucking it and licking it
"I want to fuck you" he moaned and put it in me from behind
All night long groupensex everybody for the first time in my life I've seen a boy fuck another boy in the ass Thomas fucked one of the guys in the ass while the two girls were sucking the guy's Dick When Thomas came up the boy's ass the two girls beat Tibor's cum on his face I woke up tired and fucked up took the train back to pest I slept on the train and in the afternoon I had time to sort through the books I felt like I didn't know anything about it but after 10 wonderful days I didn't really care if I got fired although that would have meant I had to study all summer I woke up fresh the next morning I missed Thomas ' touch his dick and suddenly it was weird that I hadn't had sex in over a day even though I hadn't had sex for months I put on makeup short black skirt body-colored shiny stockings and a white blouse I went through the items during the coffee and I realized I really didn't know anything Whatever happens I don't regret the last few days
I was the last one in eight before me The adjunct examiner was a handsome man in his 40sThe exam was in his room He made me draw a line and fortunately I drew something I knew all about but I felt I did not know enough for number two()


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