She just wants to buy a pony

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That's not what this was about - that's how the conversation started
All I had to do was address him once or twice during the evening smile at him talk to him tell him he was attractive to me It didn't seem like a difficult task at first so I thought I'd enjoy this little charade maybe even have something nice to do
I had a hard time assessing whether there were many or few of them and not because I was stupid but because it was the first time I went to a swinger club I had no idea how I was gonna feel but I thought I'd find a way All I know about these places is that nothing is mandatory Worst-case scenario I'll just keep my mouth shut for a little while watch look and then when the time comes I'll just leave
It was a mixed crowd from the age of 20 to the age of 50 I found all kinds of people Some of them were naked others like me slightly dressed I'm not exactly the shy type and besides my body doesn't give me any reason to be ashamed even though I've never worked out but for some reason it felt weird walking around naked in front of all these strangers I arrived before the appointment and sat in the bar in a side corner where I could see the people walking in and out At the table next to me there was a chubby woman in her 30s and two men approaching the end of their 40s I couldn't help but overhear most of the conversation and I understood that one man was a woman's mate and the other was recently introduced I wanted to see how you'd get to know each other so I started watching them "Nice tits I like the way you shave your pussy I'm excited about the skinny women I love being pampered by Teddy Bears et cetera  and so on " I had to laugh I thought it was kind of cheesy A drooling starving aging guy a small-time husband and a fucked-up ten-year-old girl it was anything but a turn-on conversation The pretty tits were actually flat belly-down teats the full-bodied woman was a fat chick and the teddy bear guy was a fat withered-up dick guy The next thing I knew I was thinking "What if my friend's girl is the same" and I have to make nice maybe have a little sex?" Suddenly I decided to disappear like a donkey in a fog I got a little excited when I saw that blonde chick swinging in Couldn't have been more than 25
Round tight tush big enough and mostly elasticated boobs nice face - mm-hmm and he's smiling I return the smile indicating that I have noticed My ego was thrilled by her smile a 25-year-old hottie smiling It means I'm still pretty attractive to a girl like you at 38 She was totally naked her hair was wet maybe she was in the shower she was probably past a booty call Her boyfriend's about the same age athletic I wanted to explore the place but I decided to wait for the target people and look into it I've got another fat female and "bear" fat boyfriend in my sights They sat down next to one of the tables
I had a cigarette and I had to laugh again and I remembered a joke about fat women and fat men and then I started wondering what the fuck I was doing here Oh yeah that reminds me I got a favor from a buddy of mine who I asked for a favor from who's in your line of work anyway the point is my buddy asked me to talk to this guy who's gonna have to fool his wife at a swinger's party Everybody owes somebody a favor everybody asks somebody a favor and in the end I'm the one who has to fuck a fat fat-ass broad The guy and I met at a coffee shop downtown over a week earlier He said they've been wanting to visit a place like this for a while but he's afraid that if the first time his wife feels that he's not attractive enough because no good guy tries he'll lose interest and feel like shit Well that's where I come in I'm a perfect fit 30 handsome with a big dick and he's a divorced guy who doesn't take any chances So I'm the hot guy who's gonna sweep her off her feet and convince her that she's the coolest girl on the planet or maybe she's gonna fuck her until her eyes pop out "Well-placed self-employed 40s educated and very sympathetic childless married couple" my friend described them It's ridiculous That was a lesson as far as favors go
My philosophical idea of running ended abruptly because I noticed that the "target individuals" had arrived Actually I saw the guy I didn't have time to look at his wife he stood back to me and they sat down at a free table I waited a little while bought another drink and thought about strategy()


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