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Half a century I was just standing in front of the mirror a little bit bitter staring at myself I'm over 50 I can end an era in my life and what does the new one bring? I looked back at myself in the mirror and I thought about what I saw
I look pretty good for my age as the chimney sweep would say My poor late husband has always been very particular about his wife being decorative He didn't spare any money for my beautician hair salon tanning salon conditioning plastic surgeon even though he could never forgive me for not being able to give him a successor
I didn't have gray fibers in my shoulder-length blonde hair thanks to the old-fashioned hair dye In the corners of my brown eyes Crow's feet were at an all-time low but the depth of their hurtful grooves had not yet been met and with a little light makeup it was almost imperceptible to make the stubborn little rascals invisible Fortunately The Shape of my lips which I wore with deep red lipstick was not much of a problem and they say that when I lick them with the tip of my tongue it has a certain stimulating effect on men Although I must admit it's been a long time since I've had the chance to test that ability I've had a few wrinkles around my neck which is undeniable though I had to look at my contemporaries and realize that it was not in vain to use all those liposomes and whatever miracle cream they were using And as for my breasts you have to admit the doctor was a master of his profession Only after careful examination can it be determined that the silicone lining is formed and tight and those two small scars were almost imperceptible It's not too big it's not small it's just right and it's beautiful At least I like it As for the negative views on so-called artificial body parts I'm not interested
The fact is that my stomach was not as tight as it was decades ago but I tried to maintain it with gymnastics so I could keep up with my body though I had a few mild pillows here and there making my appearance so feminine But what can you expect when you turn 50 right? My Venus mound is hairless and I've only ever felt really good when I was bare down there and though when I started shaving some people still had a fight but now as we know it's become a fashion and I hardly notice it My ass isn't what it was when I was in my twenties its hardness its firmness it's all in the past but they were still in the decent category and even though my legs aren't as good as they used to be I'm not complaining
It was a sultry July and the sun spread diamond sparks all over the place which radiated its warmth back into pieces on the rippling waters of the pool I came out to cool down on the beach I was supposed to feel good and yet I was smothered by some bitterness inside me a disturbing mixture of loneliness and a torturous desire I felt alone gazing at the happy little groups from the edge of the pool wishing to refresh themselves threw themselves into the clouds of sheep reflecting on the azure waters
I was so jealous I wanted to be young again throw myself in between them and be happy and free to laugh with them play naughty and flirt with the guys Instead I sat on the edge of the sun-bed and tried to suppress the desire which a few weeks ago grew more and more intense and even though my vibrator was most handy it did not satisfy me as much as I would have liked Now boom this must be one of those high-pitched midlife crisis or whatever
I went to the café and without taking into account the disapproval of the look on the waitress's face I rolled down a double whisky; I returned to the pool with a little Daze a tingling stomach to re - surrender myself to the rays of the sun when for a brief moment my eyes met a boy who had just fallen out of the water a breath away  I was thrilled And then I started to smile at myself and I was like "Oh my God you're crazy" and he's like "Oh my God" and he's like "Oh my God" and he's like " Oh my God Don't be a fool
I tried to ignore this moment which only increased the bitterness of my soul and I was about to overcome it when I felt that someone was watching me I don't know how I don't know why I just sensed that someone was watching that someone's eyes were burning my skin
Careful I've been sneaking around under the benefit of my sunglasses To my astonishment it was the eyes of that particular boy that scanned my body and reflected a surprising interest in his face I shuddered again as if a cold breeze was rushing through my spine and I caught my head I felt completely crazy for on the one hand what the hell would a young woman like me like and on the other hand how could the eyes of a child make such an impression on me?


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