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My colleague invited me and Feri to her wedding of course from a wife The two families first met at the wedding but we were very fond of each other We call Feri's wife Judith When I danced with her ige used a lot of double-meaning words I pretended not to notice The friendship we knew grew stronger One night I thought I'd go see them pick up Edith from there Judit was the only place where Feri had to go unexpectedly for a rural repair and she was only home the next night In the heat of the T-shirt that was not pierced by the nipples of her small breasts and she was wearing a good pass line We started talking on a chair and he was using ambiguous words where he could but I didn't think much of it now And then we drank beer when he poured again on my armchair and bent down and kissed me There was no misunderstanding and I kissed her back On the second kiss she rubbed her breasts from armrest into my lap I put my hand under her T-shirt and caressed her tits We drank the beer and we kept kissing and now he's rubbing my dick with his butt and I'm rubbing his pussy through shorts He brought in another beer and filled it and I got up so we drank it and then we continued standing up I took off his shirt kissed his tits sucked his dick he zipped his pants caressed me It was difficult but with the help of it I managed to lower his shorts and then he stepped out as I reached his knickers I found him completely soaked All they had on were panties and pants and from my open embrace she went to the bed taking off her panties lying on her back laying down my underwear next to her and we began to excite each other After a short lovemaking he turned his back on me and began to suck on me and then with his legs over my head offered to lick his pussy Full of foreplay climbing up pussy leading my dick He was able to move his hips and then he began to sit up and ride His feet were getting tired and he lay beside me from my tail Kneeling with his legs spread I put my dick in him enjoying every move when he was at the top At the end of his tremor I began to move to the beat of my fuck and he rocked his hips and then braided on my waist his legs began to receive my more and more violent pushes Her vagina was pressed against my cock and she received my spatula which I screaming enjoyed We'd lie next to each other and kiss and then take a shower because I had to pick up Edith I said goodbye with a long kiss hoping for a follow-up Edit came out of work again wobbly and told him when he got home that I would no longer beg him not to get drunk which he does not take seriously The next day I took the divorce to Edith's parents ' house on the weekend and we went to Feri's kel four together and we planned this trip a long time ago and I was the only one who knew about the divorce We had a lot of shock drinks there during the conversation In the room there were two rekami's on that bed and I would tease and pinch and pinch edit until he went over to Judith's and then she started whining that three people couldn't fit and pretended to be offended he came over to me He stroked my dick through my pants but the fatigue of the driving and the influence of the drink made me fall asleep and Judith gave him the blame Last night I pretended to be tipsy and the night before so Judith was lying next to me again Through the nightgown I caressed her breasts her cunt and through her pants I caressed my cock when we heard Imre's deep breath and we turned and kissed each other caressing each other Her nightgown her breasts raised I kissed them and I sucked her nipples and I stuck a finger in her vagina to excite them He took off my pants playing with my dick stroking my eggs We trembled with desire turning our backs his legs drawn to his breast I was hiding behind him slowly enjoying every move I made sticking my dick in his pussy He sighed and enjoyed every millimeter of penetration while I caressed his clitoris rubbed his clitoris fucked him harder and harder Even now he was able to move his pussy on my tail and squeeze it with his sheath to give me more pleasure than he had ever missed Another weekend we went to Judith's parents' There we met Feri's cousin Alexander We used to go dancing in a five and Judith used to dance with me almost all the time and Edith took turns dancing with the two boys Judit used to hide close to me all the time during the dance and I'd get a hard-on Judith whispered in my ear that Alexander would hold Edith's butt and kiss her Back I whispered and I held yours without a skirt
That didn't bother you?
Then I'll tell you but you can't tell Feri that I filed for divorce that I can't take her drunkenness anymore
By the end of the party Edith got drunk again catching a Fox on the way home We were lying on a couple's bed and I put Edith to the edge so she could reach the bathroom if she needed to I lay beside him on the inside Judit said he could sleep only on the inside so we were reunited Soon we heard Edit and Feri sleep snoring I gently reached under Judith's blanket and she was lying with her back to me so I went through her nightgown stroking her back her bottom and I noticed she wasn't wearing any panties and she was reaching back and putting my dick through her pants()


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