Moms Bang Teens – Mom finds Teens in shower

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I've known this guy since I was 17 A buddy of mine once told me he was fucking his sister when he was drinking but I didn't believe him at the time ' cause he came down with it just to make me feel like I should be friends with him There was a major altercation between them
Rumor has it that there were rumors in elementary school but on what grounds it's a little foggy I mean he told me something but I don't remember it anymore But that's not the pointat first because I liked the guy I let go of my ear but soon there were a few crumbs that made me want to look into it
The suspicious thing was the other day the guy said:
- I didn't feel like going out last night I had an ex with my sister
She was a man-eater and he'd been in a lot of pussy but they hadn't had anyone in weeks and they hadn't gone out on weekends and you wouldn't have found them at home on a Friday or Saturday night before that Of course there's nothing in this yet He and his sister had an ecstasy run all right In light of what my friend said all I could think was wrong
I've been on Dani's balcony a few times so I knew from the nearby hillside you could see into her and her sister's room without the curtains drawn
There was a big window and next to it was a big glass door in both rooms
There were two of them and they were so large that they could be seen all over the room so I set out on the hillside with great hopes
I didn't have binoculars but that wasn't the pointI wanted to see for myself I've never seen those curtains closed in my life
Of course if no one can see me for who is the animal that would wander in the fields at night in the dark and besides I didn't even recognize them from that distance only because I had left them shortly before and they were the only ones at home Dani Nóri and Dani's new girlfriend Leila who I just met that day
Dani and I had a beer in the yard 15 minutes earlier when she said :
- I'm packing my girlfriend tonight Did you see how beautiful her skin is?
She went to the tanning salon today
At the time I didn't think they'd take your sister for a third but thanks to the hillside out there in the dark everything suddenly became clear
All I saw was two girls kissing on their knees on the bed and one of them was getting laid Probably Dani
- It's my time  I had this amazing thought coming out of my head while I was opening a beer on the way home I'm gonna fuck your sister and I'm gonna fuck your girlfriend and then I'm gonna jerk her off as they kiss each other if you don't want word getting out to your newfound mates that you're gonna whip your sister
She was a great girlfriend but I was more excited about her sister ' cause on the one hand she's hot on the other hand she's her sister and on the other hand I'm gonna think she's my sister and she's got a mouth like…
I've often wondered if I'd have a sister like you someone to joke around with just keep the word out of your mouth Well I can't really do it with my sister because she keeps to herself trolls and fights with me and Dani's is a really cool cool girl She's the exact opposite of my sister
The next day I told Dani that since they're not going to a party anymore and neither am I How would she feel about us having a drink at her house on Friday night?
- Just the four of us At least I'll get to know your girlfriend better
- Sure why not We haven't had a drink together in a while
I went over there Friday night at 9: 00
We were in Dani's room His parents are pretty rich The kid never held a shovel in his life but he had a bed so big that the four of us would just sit on it
Drum and bass was beating out of the stereo and thousands of forints of wine were sold and sold
When I saw their pupils were dilated I drew a big one from the wine and lit a cigarette I didn't take pills because I left it behind years ago and I don't get a hard-on under the influence
- I see the eki is flying - I told Dani
- Can you see it in my eyes?
- Yeah
- I'm starting to feel it
- It's like the House of the Rising Sun In the morning the sun shines in your room   ever since your parents moved away there's been a lot of debauchery going on…
- Yeah Now that you mention it Right girls?
- Huh?
 Gábor says it's like living in the House of the Rising Sun The sun comes in in the morning the debauchery in the evening
- That's good I didn't think of it before but I like it - he smiled at Nóri Dani and then he looked back at me and they continued with the tere - Fere
- Pretty girls huh? - Dani asked
- They are
- Would you fuck them? - he laughed Nóri and Leila didn't hear a thing they were busy on the other side of the bed
 Well what do you want me to say? - I laughed - If I say yes I'm insulting you by saying No I'm insulting you by saying no


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