Three way fuck and creampie

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The location is a forest and a hunting lodge It's just you and me It's winter outside cold and windy
The room is warm clean wood for all furniture a fireplace murmuring against the door in front of a white polar bear skin Next to the skin is boiled wine strawberries and whipped cream
There's quiet music playing the sun's going down so the room's only half-dim
We're sitting on a nice couch talking
You stand on the fire so the embers don't melt I can see you approaching the light of fire and your face with red moving shadows jumping as you lean closer You throw a few sticks at him and then you look at me and you slap the fur around and tell us to sit here :)
You're wearing a black stuffed dressing gown with a white tight Bermuda underneath Your slippers will be kicked off and you will be placed on the edge of the skin I'm gonna get off the couch and tie my robe The colour is wild thread and underneath is a white background with a small floral satin combidres
I'll walk up to you and smile at you You wink That means you want to make love to me
There's a slow song on the tape
I'm gonna unzip the robe and move my hands and hips to the rhythm of the song Dancing slowly makes my clothes fall off You lie down on the floor and you elbow me up telling me to keep dancing
The song is beautiful very erotic I love the way you look at me with your beautiful eyes I'd love to dance for you
I rub my face my neck my shoulder all the way down to my waist and back to my chest I gently touch the top of the top of the top of my hand and I wrap my hands around it and I smooth the whole thing over I'll just go down to my lap with both hands I throw my hair back with my left hand and rest my right hand on my Venus mound Holding my hair I lean slightly forward and draw a line with my other hand on the inside of my thigh Now I'm gonna lift my head look at you and I'm gonna squeeze my two breasts close together I'm gonna squat down and I'm gonna caress my tits with one hand and I'm gonna caress my pussy with the other hand
There's a faint sigh coming from you I think that's enough dancing
I'm gonna run up to you sit on the floor next to you When you lie down the cord of your robe opens and lets you see your sensual chest I'll bend over and kiss your mouth breathless and then your upper and lower lips a little bit high
You turn around and take off your clothes I'm going to pull out the dressing gown and lift your arm over your head tie your hands
- You mustn't touch her until I say so- I'm telling you
A smile is the answer
I'm gonna take a strawberry out of the bowl and stuff it in your mouth and I'm gonna take one and then I'm gonna kiss your lips again I'm gonna give you a nice kiss on your chest on your tummy I'm gonna pull your pants down while you lift your butt Your tail is about to snap as the rubber passes over it The end is already glistening with multiple boners in the meantime
We'll find the whipped cream Vanilla I'm gonna spray round goblets on your lower body gently dividing the foam everywhere Your groin is like a cupcake on a 1-year-old's birthday :)
I lean over you and I'm a glutton I'm gonna lick around the base of the candle and then I'm gonna put it out from underneath and I'm gonna put it out with a gentle motion It mixes cream and semen I'm gonna stick my tongue under your jagged foreskin and turn your Acorn around By squeezing the edge of my mouth I begin to move the skin on the Acorn as I push the tip of my tongue towards you With my hand I will help you to spread the good feeling around your entire penis and not just focus on the end The pace accelerates as you desire it Your body tightens and I feel you slowly approaching the top
- More more Harder - yeah
And I'm happy to do it because I have a feeling that I have a strong desire for you
You want to hold me pull me back or control my head so you can enjoy the French more and more but the rope won't let you
Then you'll have a muffled rattle of sound coming out of your throat and I know one more move and you'll enjoy it
I'm gonna bite the end of your penis hard half-open waiting for the first dose of sperm to spray on my tongue You moan at the same time with a pleasant and painful feeling and you go to the top
Now I'm gonna untie the cord and close my eyes I urge you not to let go because I am so desperate for your body
Your penis is soft and it's really nice to grab it gently
I don't get off easy either I'll get the dressing gown in my eyes I can't see I just feel your hot hands all over my body Then you unbutton my shirt button between my legs You fold it up and you write patterns with your lips closed on the skin of the embossed The pubic hair is almost completely waxed more like a sign that it belongs here
Now you're Gonna Give me a strawberry and another kiss followed by a tongue kiss And then a few moments later I feel your hand again the heat of it sticking to my pussy You take my hand and you ask me to do a little for myself()


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