18 years old amateur – Part I

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22 'Chapter III
Arrival In Cairo
The next day around noon Carlo escorted me to the airport and bought me a ticket to Cairo We found a bank and transferred a large sum from his account to me $ 1000 That was yesterday's pay from the support of the Libyan state UNESCO WHO and other sponsors
- If you need anything just call me - he told me
You just handed me a card
- Thank you very much - I answered
I stroked his dick through the pants and kissed him on the cheek I went back to the airport As it turned out after a few months Carlo told me in a letter:
"The teacher said it was too much and gave me a severe reprimand"
Nothing of value happened during the flight Boring people doing nothing I thought I'd masturbate a little bit and I'd pass the time but I didn't even feel like it it was so disappointing and everyone The sandwich was hideous too
Luckily it didn't last forever We've landed At the airport I took a cab and called Vivienne and we talked about where the cab would take me  Then I added:
- Call me back but I'm not gonna answer it
He knew what was going on right away I was in the back of the cab I put my cell phone on vibrate and carefully shoved it up my dry pussy He went in a little hard I've been waiting Soon I felt a vibe in there It felt really good I was getting wet again Sometimes the vibrations stopped so I waited for him to call again Slowly but surely I was getting wet I've been biting my lips with lust We've arrived Charles and Vivienne were waiting for me at the hotel entrance Charles paid for the cab and I hugged Vivienne and we kissed on the lips I whispered in his ear:
- Call me again
- Oh Is he still in there? - he asked
I smiled innocently
- You know it's never enough for me
We went upstairs packed up and headed to the restaurant for dinner I was so hungry We sat down at a quiet table Vivienne called my cell again and I moaned softly with my eyes closed Then I flinched and came quietly I pulled the phone out of my wet pussy Slowly because Vivienne and Charles looked at me with interest My phone's all wet
- Yeah - Vivienne smiled
- I hope it still works - Charles laughed
Food's here We ate it fast and ran up to the room
We took off our clothes we jumped on the bed and I licked Vivienne's shaved and hairy pussy at the same time Charles lay down next to us and watched from there We licked each other real good We've been licking each other's pussy for like an hour while Charles was watching porn on TV We moaned loud as we got each other to the top Then we took a shower together We washed each other and kissed hot Then back to bed Vivienne licked my fine breasts with a mind of her own He just couldn't get enough of them That's how I was with her pussy We fell asleep in each other's arms and Charles was lying next to us
23 'Chapter III
I woke up wonderful this morning Vivienne licked my breasts very tenderly and Charles buried his head between my thighs and licked my pussy Waking up like this is no ordinary experience My eyes were only half open I didn't want them to see I was awake yet I watched with interest how Vivienne licked my breasts armpits neck My nipples were getting hard and I started to get wet I moaned softly and opened my eyes Charles got excited and started licking my pussy more and more Vivienne leaned over me and there was a very long tongue kiss He was a really good kisser Charles now only licked my clitoris while fingering my cunt with two fingers Ten minutes later I came Vivienne kept kissing me
And then Charles got on his knees and put his hard dick on our lips Vivienne ate it right away and sucked it up and I licked the scrotum Then we switched It was more exciting however when Charles grabbed his dick and shoved it in Vivienne's mouth and in mine Then we all licked the dick at the same time Five minutes later Charles knocked Vivienne over and started fucking her hard I threw myself on my girlfriend's clitoris and licked her hard while the fuck was getting in and out of the pussy A few minutes later I grabbed the dick pulled it out of Vivienne and I licked the juice off it and then I put it back in When the time came Vivienne took the dick in her hand and slapped the fucker on my face Well that's how I woke up that morning
There was a knock I stood up and opened the door Egyptian boy early 20s brought breakfast She blushed and smiled stupidly when she saw my naked body and the cum glistening on my face I smiled at him I pushed the cart and said goodbye After a hearty breakfast Vivienne and I went for a shower and then we put on a nice top and miniskirt and then the three of us went sightseeing


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