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- Thank God Titus is home - did you see Mrs Smith he's at the door - All kinds of people broke into her apartment and they took the furniture and everything and they said she let them In fact they were gonna kick us out and they had the nerve to say that he bought our apartment But I told them I'd report them and I'd call the police if they didn't leave right away
- Calm down Mrs "Mr Smith" I replied - I know they were here
 Did you really let them take your furniture? - he was surprised
- Yeah - yeah We need to renovate the apartment and the easiest way to do that is to take everything while the place is still a mess
- So it's not true that he bought our apartment? - were you worried about Mrs Mr Smith
- Well not exactly but let's talk about this calmly I have an idea and I hope you'll like it
- What's going on? - he was suspicious - You want us out of here?
- No No no Mr Smith But if you don't mind I'd like to freshen up and knock on the door if you don't mind
- You're welcome Titus I'll make you a nice cup of tea
- Thank You Mrs Smith will do you good See you
I guess he's been waiting for me to get home for days and he swoops in as soon as he sees me poking around the door I couldn't even get into my apartment and he was there and he said the newspaper that caused the excitement
I loved the two old men because they kept their cheerful disposition despite the fact that they had been through a lot John Smith was an engineer at one of the big electronics companies and retired five years ago Julia your wife I don't know what she did before because she said she was a teacher and she said she was a librarian One thing's for sure their apartment was a library It was literally full of books There were even a few in the toilet They lived quietly they rarely left the house and they were rarely visited They had a son who was a pilot but he died in an accident He was piloting passenger ships and according to them Ground Control gave permission to take off and land two planes at once Plus it was foggy and the plane was landing right in front of the take-off
That was over ten years ago They have a grandson but since their son never got married his girlfriend's parents brought her to Australia They've never seen him before and all they have is pictures of him as a baby They don't even know where to look because their son didn't tell them he had an illegitimate daughter
 I guess he was afraid we'd make it very difficult because he had a baby without God's blessing "I have longed for a grandchild" said Julia sometimes when their son was rarely mentioned
"Hello Dr Cannon" said a handsome young man with glasses in his 30s when I finally entered my apartment - I'm Scott McNamara
- Hello "Barbara told me to meet you here" I replied looking nervously at what they had done to my apartment It was almost completely emptied only the room used for the study was intact
'Well here's the thing' said Scott - The apartment next door should be fine I mean there was a buyer for the apartment but we convinced them with a little friendly talk that they'd be better off if we bought the apartment
- They survived I hope - I meant it as a joke but Scott meant it and the answer he gave me turned out to be the kind of tool they use sometimes
- We didn't have to go that far It was pretty scary for them to have a mad scientist and a cranky old married couple living next door
- Oh my god Just don't let them take it all over town
- I don't think so They understand it's best to keep a low profile on the whole thing Well the two old ones are tougher We couldn't even tell you our offer because they threatened the police immediately Somehow they were very upset that they didn't know we were coming into your apartment
- Before we discuss options tell us what your plan is for the three apartments
 The interior decorator was here yesterday but he hasn't seen the old people's apartment yet He has to come again when he can go in and finalize the plans because until then only the blueprints will give him a clue
- Floor plans? You mean the blueprints for the apartments?
- Yes of course The first thing we did was get it so we could even leave Well Mrs Bridgestone says We need to rebuild the floor by building an apartment out of three with two entrances The interior decorator said it could be done but he needs to do more field work
While you were discussing this I was wondering what they couldn't get if they needed something It started a few days ago and they already got the blueprints of the apartments the other apartment and they already emptied mine out How the plans of this old house were brought to me remain a mystery


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