Mother and yong trio

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On the Merry Feast of fertility I discovered them in the park road leading to the sanctuary among the bearers of the great male emblem The male member was made of papier-mâché about five meters long with a diameter of about three feet They were on the left side in the middle They walked with the same tiny springy steps as the other women carrying the symbol The emblem swung at the pace of their steps on their shoulders not with their hands but with their shoulders Their hands were intertwined under their breasts - the sleeves of their kimonos were slightly raised-and in their right hand they held a small replica of the great symbol The smaller one was the same size as a real-life male member They made it out of wax mimicking The Shape of the real member and the color was not different from the color of the real member but from the end of the ceremony a wick stood - at the end of the ceremony it will be lit on the altar stone of the shrine as a sacrificial candle
The two women were wearing similar burgundy kimonos just like the others They combed their hair like the others Their eyes however were filled with irritable Sparks and their smiling faces shuddered from a crowd of intimate devout insemination-praying faces The one who came in the back had his left hand wrapped in his companion's kimono belt
They were pretty women I left my eyes on them
There was a crowd of spectators on both sides of the procession
American tourists clicking cameras They were running up and down the path of the fertility festival
I drifted with people followed the procession I was watching the two women I caught the look on his backside He smiled suspiciously his eyebrows moved almost imperceptibly His companion barely noticeable also squinked
I waited for them in front of the shrine
It took them a long time to come forward and they looked around with hesitation The crowd is already decomposing
I rushed to them
They welcomed me as a familiar The woman in the back of the round invited me to dine with them on their humble snack He tilted his head a little smilingly brought it to him
- If you don't mind eating with two cherry blossoms
I remembered I told him my name who I was what I was and I thanked him for the invitation They were familiar with the park
They led me to a remote location On the way they walked close by my side Tighter than I should have Their proximity irritated me and I drew them closer to me with a sudden gesture The front Cherry Blossom blushed to the ears
- They're here You should be more patient
The back Cherry Blossom moved my arm with the faintest words
- All in good time
I was right I laughed in confusion
- Yeah sure You're just too beautiful and time passes too slowly
They gave me a smile for that compliment We're settled in the nook
From under their kimonos they took food wrapped in banana leaves I wasn't hungry I was pecking for decency My eyes ate them instead
They moved gracefully their eyes spoke more eloquently than words They ate every last crumb Back Cherry Blossom took a shawl wiped her fingers He's got his eyes down
- We're going home now If you want to spend time with us follow us from a distance You wouldn't be lucky to be seen with us and we have to give our good name Sixth floor the door opens right next to the elevator
I went after them
It was a long walk They went through the gates of a giant towerblock
The door to the apartment was only a crack As I approached the back Cherry Blossom opened and offered me slippers I took my shoes off and he locked the door behind me
It was a studio apartment
The front Cherry Blossom was in the dimly-lit room He put a jar a tray of glasses on the low table He no longer wore sandals or stockings his bare ankles flashed from under the kimono He noticed I was looking at his ankle and he smiled
Rear Cherry Blossom threw seat cushions around the table You took your seat poured sake into the glasses
Front cherry blossom even covered the bed with a blanket and then she sat next to the table He reached for the glass
I raised the glass to them I bowed my head
- In honor of your ancestors
The three of us drank it out in one shot The back Cherry Blossom soon filled all three of us again and raised her glass again
- To meet you
We drank that too
The room was warm the sake was heated I took off my sweater As I came out of it the back cherry blossom filled again And the front Cherry Blossom I didn't notice solved her kimono's belt When he reached for his glass the Silk slid down allowing him to see the hams of his alabaster bosom It slipped out of my mouth:
Oh it's beautiful
It was there for a moment bent forward It's slowly leveled up My eyes were on her breast The back Cherry Blossom spoke in a low irritable voice


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