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16 'Chapter III
At the end of the summer the Greek trip came together they had a great time for a week they didn't think about the things at home
September came Nelli graduated from college Robi continued to work for the company
They seemed to have gotten over Nellie's infidelity After we found out that Robi was cheating they talked about being more open The janitor stopped coming but Nellie couldn't handle it He went down to the janitor's apartment for different reasons The janitor turned out to be a reliable sex partner When he was at home and he was free he took Nellie into their bedroom and fucked her real good Many times the caretaker's wife answered the door knew why the young woman was coming but did not say a word and even treated her as a guest If the janitor couldn't make it right away he'd offer her a drink and they'd talk about all kinds of things
After four or five sessions Nellie told Robi that she had redecorated her relationship with the janitor Robby's Hand struck again but when he saw Nelli's frightened face he lowered his hand He hugged his wife kissed her
After going to bed at night when she closed her eyes she recalled the scene of the janitor screwing Nelli on the table Blood started in his dick He turned to Nellie
- Honey
- I asked you to
- Anything on you?
- No I'm not
- What now?
Robby stuck his standing dick to his wife's butt
- I didn't think you'd be in the mood today
- What's today?
- Well today
- Go ahead and say it
- Today when they fucked your wife
- Who dared to fuck you?
Meanwhile Robi lifted up Nellie's nightgown in the back and looked with her dick for the entrance to her vagina
Nellie lifted up her top foot and helped her husband enter with her hand
- That nice old janitor Ahhh
Robby stuck his dick down and started fucking her real good
- How dare you fuck my wife?
- I asked him to
- I don't know
- My cunt needed a dick
- Mine's not enough for you?
Robbie was fucking his wife faster and faster
- No yours is too small and you rarely fuck me honey Ahhh
She screamed with joy
- You're a fucking bitch
- I know I know
Roby was speeding up a little bit and they came at the same time
"Well that felt good" said Nellie " it's been a long time since we've had such a good ride"
- This morning?
- This afternoon Do you know when your wife was fucked?
It was quiet
- Robbie are you mad? Did I overdo it? Oh I'm sorry
- I'm not mad
- Don't lie I know it hurts
 A man much older than me and he beats me in bed
- Yeah - yeah It's true He's strong he's muscular he's determined he can talk any woman out of his pants His dick is squeezing my pussy so hard I'm going crazy for pleasure
As he said that he pushed his butt out to Robi
- You can't beat him with your little dick I've had this table for two years You didn't bet once He knew right away what to do with me
Robbie's Dick was getting hard again
- Are you thinking about it now? 'Robby asked and he grabbed Nellie's ass hard'
- Yeah - yeah
- How was she Today?
- I wanted his dick I went down there
- What did you go down in?
- In slippers in the minimums and in my sleeveless shirt No underwear Your wife answered the door
- Really? - yeah
- Yeah he knows everything
Roby put it in again Nellie's cunt was fully dilated and full of jizz When he was fucking he made a slurping sound
- And you don't mind?
- No we're goodhe'll give us all the gossip about the House
Nelli was too wide to enjoy himself properly but for Robi's sake he moaned and made little screams when Robi pushed him a little bit harder
- Where did you do it?
- In the bedroom
- Did you come out loud?
- Yeah - yeah
Robbie's pussy came in
"I would like to see him again" he said
- What's that?
17 'Chapter III
- What do you want to see?
Robi waited a little while for an answer
- The way you do it
Nellie didn't know what to say He missed a breath or two His heart was racing
- I want to see him beat his dick in you and I want to watch him fuck your pussy
Nellie's breasts were torn out of a lustful sigh
A few days later they set up the kinky game Nellie went down to the janitor and called him The bedroom was completely covered and Robi was lying on the bed They put two chairs on the bed so far apart that Robbie could see everything that's going on in the dining room The door was left open a crack They said that Nellie would be waiting for him in the nude wearing only those high-heeled slippers Rob gave him for Christmas and his hair would be in a bun The latter was Robi's express request but he couldn't explain why it was good for him
- I don't know but just thinking about it makes me hard


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