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- 10 -
- I'd like to take a tape recorder with me if you don't mind - Zsofi walked in on me in the studio on an April day
- Go ahead - I was looking over the mixing board - What's it for?
- I found something interesting - he answered
The next morning he handed me the tape in a state of excitement - Listen to him
During recess I went to the studio and pushed the tape into one of the players It was really interesting stuff A voice that had just passed a mutation encouraged Zsofi to take the test dose bravely without having to pay for it You will also receive subsequent tablets at a reasonable price if you organise additional consumers in the chain
Zsofi stood over me with a flushed face and she was excited to hear what I had to say
"It is indeed a bomb" I said " but when it explodes it can take us away" Especially you These boys are serious
- I really hate them - she called it out  Drug dealers are among the most heinous of nations to me
- Where did you get such excellent company? - I asked around
- This guy hit me on the way home I pretended to be inclined to try it but still hesitating He'll try again tomorrow
I was worried I really thought it was dangerous and we're not supposed to do the police work and that's why they're there
- Are you afraid of them? - Zsofi looked at me
- Yeah I admit it  but I'm worried about you too because they're gonna blame you and they're gonna think you're a snitch
He thought about it a little bit but he made a quick decision - I don't mind I'll take my chances if I can expose them
Now it was my turn to think - You're a crazy girl - I finally said it  I'm not gonna let you take that risk aloneI'm gonna take some precautions
I put the tape in my pocket and went back to class
This afternoon I made the necessary arrangements
The next day we left school together
- Tell him I'm the first one to try the drug - I advised him and swung my purse carelessly and rode past my girlfriend In Zsófi's hair wrapped around the headband there was a tiny microphone and the end of the cord was connected to the on tape recorder in his jacket pocket
We didn't have to go much and the guy with the familiar voice jumped right in front of us I noticed two people watching him from a distance I tried to remember the faces of the two musketeers one of whom seemed familiar
- What do you need Man? - I bet it wasn't very friendly
The boy caught me suspiciously - Are you the one who wants in on the distribution?
- I don't know What do I look like? Do I look like a boy scout to you? - I gave you the cool one
- Do you want to try the drug?
I measured it - What kind of material do you have? - I questioned him - I hope you're not peddling garbage?
- You got money? - he was hostile too
- What do you think you're doing? Should I give you my credit card PIN? - I looked at him sullen
- Don't get upset - he was relieved by the nepper - Give me a thousand and I'll give you a trial pill OK?
- Let me see the stuff first - I made a fuss
- Let me see the Thousand first - he was tough
I stopped and played the indignation slowly reaching into my inner pocket After the elaborate opening of zippers and buttons I took out my wallet and knocked on a grand - Give me the pill
When he gave me the little package two civilians came out of the way and we were caught in the middle
- Police I D s
Within moments there was a private car and we were forced into it and we were on our way to the station
Our records were recorded at the station and we were immediately separated from the Nepper
- Thank you for your cooperation - said a captain - We may have found an important link in the drug supply line
While he was escorting us to the gate we saw two of the nepper's buddies who were watching us were also brought in
- We hope so too - hopeful Zsofi
- And I hope they can protect us if the bad guys find us - I said suspicious
- Don't worry - the captain calmed us down - We'll take care of you
We got tired on the bus home - Are you scared? - Zsofi looked at me
- I said yes yesterday - I closed my eyes I wanted to sleep I just got the thrill - Aren't you scared?
 I could tell he was tired too - My cousin's in rehab right now That's why I did it
I patted his hand - You're brave - I told you
From the material on the tapes we made a great show We've added conversations professional opinions and we've decorated it with everything we need for a significant substance We didn't save time we took our time On the last day of school this week it was released on Friday during the big break The effect was astonishing()


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