Kinky couple seduces the sexy babysitter

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I don't want anyone following me this is my first attempt I know it's a little out of the ordinary here but I hope that's not such a problem All opinions are welcome
You didn't know where he was In the last two weeks all he could remember was the constant walking snow cold swearing gunshots flying back and forth to death The day six months ago when his unit proudly sailed into the port of England seemed far beyond reach Flag flags crying farewell relatives lovers on the beach Everything has changed since then They were on the Utah Beach on June 6 in Brittany NormandyParis they had a week's leave Now they're stuck on the Siegfried Line The Germans were clinging to their last refuge until the end of their days and their company waited A woman a real woman was last seen in Paris Of course whores were everywhere the soldiers went but he never felt the urge to use their services
Montmierre was the name of the village where the camp hospital was set up It was the only place where civilization's prints could be found in the area Chocolate hot coffee blanketseven houses And a lot of nurses You didn't know when she noticed the silent red-haired beauty His wavy hair fell unruly from under the white shawl which apparently annoyed him He was a French volunteer he only spoke a few words of English but he always smiled at everyone At first he did not take the approach of the man and walked past him with his eyes down when he began to speak to him A week later they were sitting on an abandoned cannon and the man was talking about England His reward was a small yellow dried flower and half a bar of chocolate
A few days later the man was pleased to realize that the nurse was no longer being dismissive when she tried to approach him physically They went through the camp hugging each other eating in a pub shivering at the stars They were both heated and with little signs they rushed to the nurse's Little House They didn't even walk through the doorthey were already kissing wildly They crawled inside each other's mouths When he reached the bed he gently knocked her down and began to undress her He pulled off his shawl and stroked the red curls with delight He used his tongue to excite the neck and tie the blouse with his teeth The girl was hardly discerning but did not resist She's never had a lover so tender Her ex-husband only cared about her when she got drunk and almost raped her on her way home from the pub However he was definitely starting to enjoy this He helped the man pulled off his blouse and lifted his hip to help him get his skirt off So he got a little cold
The man seemed to understand and began to kiss his body with his hot lips He began in the bosom of the breasts enjoying the touch of a little goosebumps but silky skin He kept going down until he finally found the vulva surrounded by fine hairs He licked it and started sucking on the clitoris She had never experienced anything like this before and at first she was a little scared but then she gave in to the pleasure and then she heaved her head back()


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