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Before I begin the current story for those who have not read - or have forgotten-the beginning of the story a brief summary
From some mysterious world to me I was visited by a wonderful woman whom for simplicity's sake - because I didn't really understand her essence - I called her an angel He was banished to our world for breaking one of their own rules and our lives are connected I got to Pangai (Tonga) through the magic of Muriel (because it became his earthly name) in a time beyond my understanding I spent two unforgettable days in the company of another angel Miurita her husband Josi sister-in-law Sophie and her friend Judy Back in real time Muriel and I had a wonderful life together until she left me It broke me I lost my posture I lost my job and I became homeless Out of this hopelessness I was raised by my former boss who I left ungrateful because I became obsessed with going back to Pangai
Pangai is located on the island of Lifuka in the Tonga Kingdom Lifuka is an island with only 11 km2 and 3000 inhabitants about 150 km north of Tonga's main island Tongatapu At least 90% of the island's inhabitants live in Pangai They're poor but extremely friendly people Lifuka has no industry no coconut plantations some craft and fishing support the island
When I got to Pangai after some complications I found my old friends Josi Miurita and Sophie Judy didn't live on the island anymore I married Josi's sister Sophie whose name I translated into Zsófi Judy and her new boyfriend Roy and I met on a wonderful vacation in Bora-Bora I wrote about the special days I spent there in the previous chapter And how much I talked to Judy More specifically he spoke We were the perfect couple in this one: he likes to talk I like to listen and listen
Yeah I was listening And that turned out to be Judy's novel Life Story which I'm now trying to quote her but somewhat abbreviated
And here's Judy's story:
Josi and Berty were born together We were born a few months apart we lived on the same street our parents were one of the relatively modified ones Josi's father owned the largest Coconut Grove on the island Berty's parents owned a hardware store and my mother who lived alone ran the biggest grocery store in the city I was two when my father disappeared at sea
There were some houses on the other side of Pangai where people lived in better ways shipowners and the harbour master but that was another closed world and our parents didn't really see each other
The relationship between the three of us is important but it's often a changing role of sexuality As it was normal for us we used to play naked together for a long time Later when we grew up our parents gave us some clothes but when we were alone we took them off and went back naked The fact that we had to be naked in secret at the time gave us a strange magic
The first turning point was when my tits started to curl up and my pussy showed up and the boys had their first silky hairs on their dicks As a symbol of adulthood we've been watching the changes and often contemplating ourselves and each other All of a sudden I noticed that if I caressed them carefully combed their flaking hairs their dicks would get harder and grow significantly When one of them first went off we were really scared of what kind of juice was coming out of it And then we saw that nothing was wrong but the boys felt really good about it From then on we hid from the world on a regular basis and I had given them a great deal of pleasure
It was after we were walking on Josie's plantation looking for a beach where the workers couldn't see Just when we thought we were a long way from everything we were taking our toys off and we were listening to strange noises moaning and humming We looked in the bushes and to our surprise we saw two entangled figures one Bruke one foreman of the plantation the other Elly the daughter of one of the Shipowners They were wrestling in a bed with palm leaves At least that's what we saw at the time the 69 pose that was being presented We saw that gracefully rounded Elly looked better because with an upside-down butt she was on top We just wondered why Bruke had a hard-on-the-dick in Elly's mouth I was distracted by the fact that the part of the penis that Elly had left out of her mouth was even bigger and above all thicker than the size of the boys that I felt in my palm
I don't know what the boys were thinking what they were looking at but I could feel in my palm that it had a big impact on them I caressed their hardening dicks slowly but it was just a bonus to them()


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