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Fortunately the next morning Christopher was in a meeting with the board and I could only count on him after lunch I didn't know how to deal with it yet how to handle it What was that all about? Attraction? Desire? When did the working relationship ever turn into physical attraction? I was up all night thinking By the way I felt Christopher's kiss on my lips all night I wanted so much more so much more I wonder if she wants me from the very first moment And what was the first minute? The massage box or the office? I still didn't know that beyond a reasonable doubt There were times when I was ashamed of getting involved with a married man But it always occurred to me that Christopher was the one who kissed me I could have thought about it for hours but I tried to get some rest And right now at the office I don't want Lilla to notice my distraction I didn't want to share that with him My phone rang before lunch It was Bea The first time we met he followed me again and I admit it was nice talking to him and I was glad to hear from him
- Hi - hi What's new? - I was talking on the phone cheerfully
- Hi - hi - she sounded crybaby - Would you like to meet me today?
- Yeah sure - I did it right away - After work? I'm off at 5: 30 Where do we meet?
- What's close to you? It doesn't matter to me
After a little thought I threw in the nearby shopping mall and said I'd be there at 6: 00 That was good-bye I was happy to have something to take my mind off of Christopher and what happened The next thing I knew Lilla jumped up from her desk I looked up and he was holding his desk calendar in one hand while he was holding a pencil in his mouth and chewing on the end
- What's going on? - I asked him
- I just checked the calendar it's only a few weeks away from team-building training - he said thinking - Mid-April
- Oh right - I reacted and fell back to work
- I see you're not too keen
- Yes I doI just have a lot of work to do
Luckily that's when Lilla's phone rang so I got away with asking questions Because I was very aware that he was suspicious of me I wanted to postpone the confession and the later Lilla found out there was something going on between me and Christopher the better for me I mean what was I supposed to say to him? Is there anything between us? I was distracted by the opening of the elevator I soon saw him He looked me right in the eye and then he just stormed past me just to say hello I don't know how I felt maybe I felt a little scalded That's not what I expected But then what? What the hell do you expect him to do? To invite me into the office and take me on the table? Hm Yes I shook my head What the hell am I thinking? Oh fuck He's married He's married He has a wife
- Wanna go to lunch?
I heard Lilla's voice I looked at him He stared at me with a blank stare waiting for an answer
- Yeah sure - I said it quietly - I'm just gonna call Christopher first
And I stood up and knocked on his door As I walked in he looked up and then his eyes were confused
 I just wanted to let you know I'm going out to lunch
- All right - okay - he answered and kept his eyes on me
Our eyes were intertwined and we couldn't stop I wanted to say something clear up what happened between us talk about it but I didn't know how or if I was doing the right thing by bringing it up Or do you want to go back to the way things were? I saw something in his eyes that I didn't understand Perhaps a lack of advice anguish and desire? Christopher opened his mouth to say something but then his phone rang The magic is gone He turned around and picked up his phone I took the opportunity to sneak out of his office I put on my coat and my bag and joined Lilla in front of the elevator
Christopher left the office and was disappointed that Sophie had already gone to lunch What were you hoping to wait for? Oh Dear God What are you doing? Why the hell do you want to explain what happened? You think she's not fully aware that she wished for it? She seduced him Yesterday by standing in front of him right in front of him the girl's scent drugged him enchanted him Her lips were so provocative they almost cried out for a kiss And her body The way he was leaning on it That wonderfully round shapely butt Christopher bit his lip with longing He wanted it so badly He was strong And he could resist Say no He was so proud of you Yet the fact that he couldn't give in to his desires made him irritated and took it out on Bea at home unfortunately He spent all night in agony both because of his insatiability and because of his guilt and the third because he had no idea how long he would be able to resist Sophie He had a vague idea that he would be less and less able to control his desires But you need to find a way to talk to Sophie today You should apologize to him()


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