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It's been over a month since we had big sex this summer
We husbands we didn't hide the fact that back home it had to be a continuation It took some persuasion One fall weekend the big day came when Feri set the place up He told me that he had been transformed into a mirror room in the bedroom
We husbands would have loved it if at the end of the summer at home in pest we had a couple of seconds from the quartet on the Adriatic Somehow our wives were drawn Feri told me that his wife Kati is now picking on him for a baby and he wants to stop taking birth control pills The reason we felt it was urgent was so I could say goodbye to Kata's charms with just one last fulfillment Of course Feri was the same with Jutka We had children we didn't want any more we didn't have problems like this
Of course women were worth their money If Jutka and I had a program together she could be very comfortable with Feri which was more than nice to her husband's best friend The look on Kata's face the buzzing sound of her blonde curls the occasional brush on my face the accidental touching of her tight breasts the little extended goodbye kisses all suggested that they would not be so serious about a party together again
After all I managed to get Jutka to have a four-way again It was now easier for Feri to get Kati's approval
The big day has come on a warm autumn weekend We were hiking in the Buda mountains this morning and then we had a nice lunch at a nice little restaurant Then we go to the Francis ' two-story apartment building No one said it but all we could think about was the delicacies to come We covered our confusion on the road with half a conversation
First we talked our wives Jutka and Kata into a (ritual) bath
We agreed that good husbands should wash their wives during the shower and in the bath Then we'll switch roles and the gentle hands of women will pamper the sensitive parts of the boys Yeah strictly in front of each other
In the beginning Frank and Frank were enjoying the shower tray next to the tub Kata behind Feri's back so as not to disturb the view intensively foamed her husband's bag with shower gel Reaching forward he lubricated the already erect cock with a bubble bath Jutka gets in the tub but I don't I'll stay outside the tub and reach under his left thigh and put his foot on the edge of the tub I'll start the shower and I'll start soaking Jutka's body in shower gel and then I'll get right to the point
I take the shower head off and from my thick strong hand of water it moves slowly from here to wander between its thighs From the clitoris along the petals to the rectum I'll stay there for a while and then I'll come back
I'll say that a few times The effect is spectacular
Now by pulling out the long petals of the labia I will direct the water jet to the clitoris The little minx to tap the hot water turns blackberries red and comes out The stream of water flutters with a loud sizzle and flows down a thousand streams beading on its thighs He's standing in the tub and I'm crouching and when the clitoris comes out my lips are gonna fall on him and I'm gonna use my tongue to dig up the fine folds and suck it up
Then back to hydrotherapy
Jutka feverishly caresses her breasts with her bare hands Sometimes he throws his head back and grabs one of the tits and wheezes It has tiny peaks
"Dad this is awesome but I can't take it anymore do something" but I know that's all it takes it's gonna have a blast I'm setting the water stream to a more powerful splash
(Originally he showed me this technique crouching on the two edges of the tub at home)
Feri is so impressed by this sight (I've never seen him so ecstatic) that he sits in a riding seat on the edge of the tub That way you can see Jutka's bottom better Kata offers the pleasure of the penis with unflinching loyalty (still only manual Huzi voni)
Ferit Jutka's lust will capture him much sooner than mine(He hasn't seen this song yet)
"You look beautiful Judith That's fantastic Hang in there"encouraging
Jutka's body is a cramp she screams with her eyes closed
"I'm going crazy it's not enough I want to get out of here Fuck you Fuck one of you "I have to control myself too because it's dangerous just because my Acorn touches the cold bathtub it'll explode Now for the final manoeuvre: gently thinning the stream of water I begin a circular massage on the clitoris which is already clearly steep Now The entrance to the vagina is full of water and starts yawning and then cramping and cramping OnceSecond time Suddenly Feri accompanied by incomprehensible shouting flies sperm in rhythmic pulsating Rays (Kata cleverly directs) on Judith's thighs belly dripping pussy hairA few drops of spray on the masturbating fingers()


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