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In my introductory story I told you about my adventure with a boy Now I'd like to share with you my first lesbian experience with my best friend
That was last summer maybe July It was a hot week I remember and every night there was this huge raging storm
I was home alone the other night I was very afraid of storms so I was restless in the empty apartment as the storm drew near My parents were on vacation and my sister was out with a guy I'm usually happy to be alone when no one's bothering me but that wasn't the case this time I gazed anxiously at the gloomy sky listening to the distant thunder
When the storm clouds sat in the sky around 8: 00 pm and the first thunder burst I decided to invite my friend Kati who lived nearby I didn't want to be alone
Kati sang merrily into the clam and said she'd be right back It arrived twenty minutes later but by that time the storm had already started and my friend was soaking wet on the doorstep
I couldn't help itI looked at it with my eyes Kati was about 5 '10" a slender brunette with shapely curves She was wearing a wet T-shirt that was soaking wet and her nipples were hard under her (she wasn't wearing a bra) He was wearing a shorts on the bottom kind of tight like bulging up his pussy It was quite a sight even with a woman's eye I could feel my heart beating faster
"Hi Niki" he said cheerfully and we kissed two to the left one to the right like a little girl Her lips were soft I started but I don't think Kati noticed that If he did he'd think it was the cool wind blowing through the open door
I put my girlfriend in there and I closed the door to make the weather go bad
- Would you like something to drink? - I asked Kati
- Yeah I'll have a Coke if you have one
She smiled at me and then she asked me:
- Hey can you get me some sweatpants or something? I'm so cold
"I see" I muttered I looked at Kati's face and I saw her looking at me in the corner of her mouth with a funny half-smile That's when I realized I'd been looking at her breasts for 30 seconds which were still staring at her under her T-shirt with hard nipples
Silence descended upon us filled with interesting tension Then I pulled myself together
"Yes I'll give you something" I stammered and I rushed out to the kitchen for two Cokes to buy some time I don't know what got into meI never thought about girls like that before Maybe it was the storm that was raging out there
I took the soda out of the fridge and went back to the room where to my dismay of throat dumpling Kati had already undressed
I stopped at the door and looked at her naked back with a dry mouth Underneath she was just wearing her wet white panties which didn't cover much of her body I was stunned to watch him bend over to pull down his socks His soft-skinned buttocks were stretched and at the sight of the seductive curve of his spine a thrill came upon him
Then he saw me out of the corner of his eye and he turned to me He smiled again
- Do you have any clothes? - he asked in a sweet voice
- Yeah I said and I went to him Those full breasts now swayed naked so drawn to my eyes I was a little alarmed to see the tingling in my lap that I only felt when I was with a guy
I gave him the Coke
- I'll find one - I started but I was looking at his long neck while he was pulling the glass Then he grabbed the bottle from his mouth and he snorted change I saw the drink turn me on and now it's dripping down your mouth down your neck and on her chest
"But I am clumsy" he laughed and looked at me I looked him in the eye and then I had no choice but to look at his chest
He stopped laughing and just looked at me And I got so brave I came closer to him I put my hand gently on her breast and began to gently caress her
"You are very beautiful" I said hoarse
Kati sighed and took my hand directing me to stroke her bulging nipples
- You too
We started kissing He was a great kisser Kati soon became so intense and demanding my heart was racing with excitement I had a feeling I was dreaming - that's not gonna happen But it was definitely the most exciting experience I've ever had
As she kissed me she wouldn't let go of my hand for a second and after she met her breasts she started pushing it down My trembling fingers soon began to tease her belly button I felt her smooth hot belly under my palm
"My god" I moaned in his mouth - What are we doing?
'Nothing I don't like' he said reaching under my shirt My nipples were painfully hard and he'd pinch them between his fingers so he'd tease them


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