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The most beautiful memories can hurt the most
July 1977
After the Richter concert we were so excited that Géza suggested we go out and listen to music together with a drink his parents are out of the country music can play loud He lived in a nice two-story house in törökbálint with his parents and I knew he had a wonderful collection of classical and jazz and he didn't like crappy in booze His fiancée Rita told him to bring his girlfriend Only then did I get a better look at Zsuzsi even though he was sitting next to me at the concert Honey blonde short hair violet blue eyes not conspicuously beautiful slightly irregular features a more than-fashionable mouth The combination of the sailor's blouse and the dark skirt didn't show much of its shape only its shapely muscular legs indicated that it was a dancer We got there in a taxi Géza got in a big glass jug of orange juice with vodka for the girls he had cognac I stayed at Unicum We listened to the music the open window smelled like flowers Géza executed half a bottle of Seguin too quickly Rita backed him up to the upstairs bedroom
He ran back for a second showed me the bathroom told me I'd get the couch and Zsuzsi slept in the little bedroom He pulled me aside whispered in my ear " Don't jump on him he's a virgin" If you don't say it maybe things will be different I've dealt with a virgin many times but somehow I've never had the chance to look at that particular membrane She's excited about who she really is It's ugly but I was curious and the booze worked in me and I decided not to miss this opportunity It didn't take much a few more orange juice with lots and lots of vodka and I could tell he wasn't gonna last much longer I talked him into a half-pint of vodka straight out of a glass pipe barely sucked it out it's all done From one moment to the next as if she had been crushed she fell in some impossible position half in the chair half on the floor half in the middle of the thigh half in her skirt slid up above the sheath of the stocking the top two buttons unbuttoned on her blouse the palm of her thigh the edge of the light blue slip
It was incredibly erotic I got out of my chair called him but he didn't respond His eyes were half-closed his face was a strange pensive expression as if he was thinking of a difficult task I don't know if you've ever tried to lift a helpless woman's body it didn't weigh 50 kilos but I could barely hold it Somehow I made it to the bedroom and laid it on the back of the bed I locked the door turned on all the lights and adjusted the helpless body so that the light would be at the best possible angle I unzipped her shoes turned off the buckle on the garter belt and carefully slid the stockings off her It felt so good to rub her legs feel those almost invisible little flaps in my hand Fortunately the skirt was zipped on the side so I had easy access to it and with some dexterity it was quickly removed I had more trouble with the blouse I had to lift her left - right shoulder several times before I could get her out of it I was able to work out the slip and she was lying there in a pair of white cotton panties the last one my sister wore when she was ten or twelve She didn't wear a bra she didn't need a bra She had beautiful lemon-shaped breasts slightly spread and raised pea-sized nipples slightly raised improbably pink two to three inches in diameter
I could not resist and I gently caressed him with my fingertips and under the seconds he turned to dark pink and the buds shrank and the nipples protruded as if pouting The sight of it made my hands tremble my knees my throat dry and I wished for it more than I have ever wished for anyone I knelt on his side slightly on his side and I pulled the panties down on his hip as far as I could and then I lifted the other side and I pulled it down on that side I only had to do the operation once and the panties were already on her knee and I could pull them off in a second It was a beautiful sight That peach-colored skin with a shade of summer Brown which was just the place of the swimsuit beautiful plastic muscles almost flat barely raised smooth belly with barely visible scars of old appendectomy the thimble navel that decidedly Prominent Hill is silky with a slightly darker triangle at the bottom of the thighs the almost predictable gap
I couldn't help myself With my hands I slowly infinitely carefully opened her thighs and presented myself with the most beautiful rose-trellis I have ever seen The lips were almost touching and their slightly darker emblem which was scarcely contrasting with the pale pink of the thigh-top skin was not covered by the delicate dark-blonde's fluffy wreath The tincture of the slightly slender slightly darker purplish little lips and above it was a small prominent spine which guarded the clitoris()


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