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Although our profession is difficult and requires great care most of it is repetitive I might add We are dealing with textbook cases for which hundreds of safe procedures have been developed This one however as a professional and as a human being shook me with its novelness its improbable absurdity and as I looked for it I know nothing like it has ever happened in our profession
It was a Wednesday a few degrees warmer than the season It's been two years since I decided to open a private practice and frankly I don't regret it My patients received good feedback and their problems - if this was the case - disappeared the pleasant atmosphere comfort friendly colors even though they further raised the good name of my office
- I understand miss - I nodded with a smile to calm him down He's a little loosened up and leaned back in the chair - Concentration is a common phenomenon probably of hormonal origin but it can be easily balanced I'll prescribe you a special device that should be used once every night for the next week You don't have to be scaredit's easy to handle I'll show you Please lie on the couch and undress from the waist down
- Is it gonna hurt? - he's asking while he's buttoning his pants I'm smiling no
- It's a roll-on massaging device which you have to adjust along the two white stripes gently to the big lips Here you press the button and switch to number 1 see? It goes like this
- Huhoh boyit's moving - she's laughing
- Keep it here for a whileI'll make an appointment for next time
I look out in the waiting room the young tailor girl is waiting and there's another tall decorative lady hanging her coat on the coat rack Her curvy red crown immediately attracted my eyes to you
- Zsofia will there be room for Kissne next week? Probably clitoral stimulation maybe vaginal fingering
- I'm looking - swirling in the corner of the assistant's mouth you flip the end of your pen across the calendar and then you type kiss in a thimble of empty spaces The white coat is half unbuttoned for a meeting and the flickering lace bra dulls this sterile atmosphere It is important for nurses to inspire confidence as we must remember that the majority of patients are anxious to see a doctor
- And Doctor - Zsofia will follow me - The lady in the black dress she didn't check in but she says she needs you urgently
- So are the people who checked in Give him an appointment
- Yeah it's just that since the Twins just canceled you know group touch therapy was due today at 1: 30 so I took the liberty of signing her in instead
- Ehmall right whatever You can send the Ildiko
I don't like my patients cancelling the procedure Together we will discuss the course of treatment and the rate - the rate is very important Man is a delicate structure and interventions must be dynamically linked I'll call their mother " I'll be angry
In the meantime Mrs kiss was much closer to what we call the condition of the first instinct His breathing has accelerated his face has flushed and the device has detected hyperemia going to stage two I always thought there was something wonderful about the female body approaching orgasm professionally speaking of course I discreetly put an earpiece on her ear which makes more sexual sensations - so we'll be done sooner
- Ahahhhaahoh excuse meahhdejouh-huhYepaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
She took the little plane from the bottom with her breath
- Well miss I have an appointment for you 5: 30 next Thursday - He sat slowly on the couch and started organizing himself in confusion
- I didI'm sorry I was a little loud
- It's a natural phenomenon you don't have to worry - I calmed him down gave him his pants - But you look much better now
- HuhI feel better A little weird actually
- I'll see you next week In the meantime use it every night
- All right then - you nod your head a little bit and then you squeeze my hand
Twenty minutes later The Tailor girl left a little disappointed because the treatment she received only reaches a certain stage Disappointment is a natural reaction but it will lead to recovery
I sat back behind my desk and I was adjusting my slightly hardened penis in my pants when this red-haired beautiful woman came in Her dress was a strapless thigh-high tight-looking piece emphasizing her healthy sexual qualities and I was again uncomfortable
- I hope you've got some guts left Doc - he spoke running his eyes around the room and around me I didn't really understand the comment and I made a point of it
- I heard the sighs I saw the girl's flushed face I could smell the satisfied smell of the woman leaving before her - he's smiling - I hope I go out like that


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