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I was looking forward to the famous team building Colleagues talked about it a lot and we often got some news about the organization at internal correspondence I noticed they were trying to get our attention so they were always just throwing out a little bit of information After a while there were some posters posted in the elevator and there were people who wanted to check in with you Of course I submitted my application a long time ago and I wanted to see who I could meet from the faceless associates until the saleI was also hoping to have a little bonding time with Bonnie at the after - team building party In fact who knows if we're gonna get some special assignment that we're gonna have to do in the middle of the day especially if it's between us
But nothing's going the way we planned As it turns out the site of the team building was a small camp west of the city in the mountains There used to be a student camp here but a Michigan contractor bought it and converted it He has organized events for big companies like ours There was a couple of wooden houses on the edge of a clearing and a bigger glazed stone building that we could gather in The whole day was spent in the woods looking for the treasure in groups of five or six doing all sorts of petty tasks to find the clues When I had to reach down to the elbows in an old damp wood I didn't feel like it but at least I made friends with two guys from I T So we laughed our way through it The team leader sent by a team-building company almost went crazy at the end of the day and he threatened to tell our superiors about this But we just laughed especially when everyone had a funny alias around their neck that supposedly describes us It was invented by the team builders this morning
I was so happy when the night finally arrived I got my food into an empty corner and I spent the whole dinner looking for Bonnie but I didn't see her Our bosses have told us as usual how proud they are to be part of our team how good we do how happy our customers are and so on and so forth It was fun at first but when they said the same thing for the twentieth time without any meaning I just kind of let it go
At least the food was good I was at dessert and I saw Bonnie and she was sitting with her colleagues the other realtors and they were having a great time  I figured I'd find a way to get him to talk so I ate the rest of it real quick took my plate out and I would have turned to Bonnie but I ran into Carl He was a pompous gel-haired athletic colleague and I never really liked him
- Hey Troy was the food good? - he asked
"Yes of course" I said trying to avoid it but it stopped me
- You want to have some fun?
I could see in his eyes that something was going on I looked at the real estate girls over Carl's shoulder but Bonnie was gone
- What is it? - I asked a little disappointed
'Come with me' said the man leaving
We went out behind the building by the pool Carl was being secretive the whole time looking around the corner to see if anyone was coming after US and he didn't answer any of my questions But he stopped by the pool:
 Listen you're new here so I thought I'd fill you in You don't have to thank me let's just say I'm doing you a favor And when you have to do me a favor you're gonna remember just how good a friend I am to you okay?
I didn't like it very much but Carl wouldn't let me speak so he continued with his lofty manner:
- You Know Helen? HR?
- The little girl with the short black hair? Of course he interviewed me when I applied for the company
- Yes of course  Carl threw it at him but he wouldn't listen to mehe was looking around the neighborhood again "Listen Bubby" he leaned over like a medieval conspirator - Helen has one he's a bit of a freak In a team building like this he always goes to a room at night and receives a small group of initiates
He saw me looking at him a little dumb
- Don't you get it? - he stabbed me in the chest - He's gonna blow us all That's what excites him I don't know what's good for him ' cause he won't let anyone do anything to him and we can't even touch his tits or his ass but mmm - he was pouting his lips and grabbing me in the air like he was touching Helen's butt
- She's got a nice ass that's for sure - I spit it out
- That's not the point I'm bringing you in you can come with me you can have a good night Rule number one: you can't touch it and he's especially allergic to pointing it at his head when you're giving him a blow job Just let him do his job And what do you think Rule Number Two is?


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