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It was a spring not long ago Yuci had already been kicked out of school but V T was still teaching the kids math
Behind the main building you could smoke even drink if you were observant enough
Although the place itself was considered dangerous because an icicle once fell and plunged into the throat of the Tom who was looking at the clouds of lamb and died
The next day the mood was grim The girls came all in black Among them came Krista who finally made it to the big event
We met in the lower corridor I first noticed the blue of his eyes and then his thighs which seemed to be springy and I could guess what his skin would taste like on my tongue Lovely meat And that's what happened in the spring when the senses were so aroused that man was bolder than a tower jumper
We were talking Our words have found mutual understanding I knew a friend of hers Petra and she knew my friend Zoli so we talked about both of them thoroughly and enjoyed the excitement of the pranks
I asked him if he wanted coffee You said you wanted some We went to the cafeteria and I bought it for him After she liked it I invited her to a party on a Saturday
He came though it was raining But only until 9: 30 ' cause then it stopped We were at a disco where the music was pounding We danced a little under a slow song and I pressed it against his thigh which was perfect for his expectations Her perfume was delicious and it didn't make me think of ham marinated in garlic whey but something very similar It was really romantic and I whispered in Krista's ear that I loved her He whispered back that he loved me too This has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life
We went out to get some air in front of the disco We held hands and started talking about our movie experiences He told me I can't think of a show he likes And I said " I like Jack movies especially when I'm high" And I told him I found one of those webcam videos the other day where two guys take out a drunk girl behind the disco And he said "Ew gross" and he licked his lips And I kissed her and she backed out and the disgusting thing is that she did it with two boys one well he doesn't know And I said I know and I held her hand and I led her behind the disco
We went up against the cold wall and started making out Krista was a real temperamental girl and soon she reached into my pants and grabbed my dick He confessed to taking a lot of dicks because he loves them And I unbuttoned her pants and I reached into her panties and it got wet()


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