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I think I was 15 16 We had a pretty good relationship with our neighbors Especially with the young couple who lived next door to us and had a little kid or two I really liked going over there taking care of the baby They were both very friendly to me especially the husband named Sanyi and at the time he was 26 He was home most of the time his wife was often away At the time I didn't realize that whenever I went over he was usually either taking a bath and the bathroom door was open or dressed I was so used to it that I didn't mind him walking around the house with a tiny towel tied around it which usually didn't cover anything up the front At first his dangling thing was a strange sight to me but I got used to it In fact I found her more beautiful than my father's who I once saw sleeping in his room drunk and naked and I didn't know it I was really scared because it was ugly and wrinkly But Sañé as I found out later was shaved and long hanging down smooth When he was going he had a funny way of swinging between his legs
He used to play with us for hours He sat across from me on the carpet talking praising kissing me Since my father never gave me any praise or kisses only scolding and swearing I liked Sanyi very much and I didn't think anything of it It seemed almost natural to see his thing What was strange was that when we heard the sound of his wife's car he was dressed immediately
His wife had a lot of childhood clothes and I used to get one every once in a while But Sanyi really liked making me try it on I had to take mine off and while he was at the national team I was standing there in my underwear My breasts began to grow I thought they looked really weird but Sanyi thought they were really pretty He was always touching them caressing them And then he talked me into letting him massage them if I wanted them to be big He used to massage her for hours First through my dress then a few weeks later I had to get dressed for it In fact later on he took me in his lap and he did it because he said it would be more convenient That was the first time I felt the strong pressure of his dick on my panties I've noticed that when he was massaging my breasts his dick got a lot longer and thicker than when he was walking around the room But as I sat on his lap and he touched my tits his dick came out between my legs But it was different this time I almost didn't recognize you It was very bright and much redder than before And as I sat on his lap he came all the way up between my thighs and pressed hard on my clitoris I felt very uncomfortable Sanyi was breathing like he was carrying something heavy And he was whispering to me whispering in my ear that I was beautiful that he loved me that sort of thing Then he asked me to face him I wanted to run away I was so embarrassed but I didn't dare I obeyed him As I turned around I realized that the towel wasn't covering anything anymore she was completely naked And his dick isn't down it's up all the way up to his navel The STEM is full of bloated veins That wasn't very nice When I turned around and put my foot through his belt at a lot of pressure he grabbed my breasts again and he kept massaging me He took out the hand cream and applied it to his hands so he continued to massage Now I really appreciate your massage I almost enjoyed it Sometimes he'd give me a kiss near my mouth And then he asked me to stick out my tongue a little bit He couldn't fool me at first but later I obeyed him When I reached out he slowly leaned over and licked it with his tongue He repeated this several times and put it in his mouth for a moment I was embarrassed at first but I was getting used to it But his dick became quite powerful He noticed I was watching - Are you watching how big it is? - he asked I'm really embarrassed - I wasn't looking - I answered scared  There's nothing wrong with that It's a natural thing You got pussy I got Dick You want to know how it works? - he asked
"How can it work grow and shrink so much" I thought to myself But he didn't wait for my answer he started
"Hold it" he said - it's so hard there's no bone in it
The way I grabbed him he was as hard as a bone under his skin - Then how can it be so hard? - I thought so The top was the most interesting The skin was crawling back and forth as Sanyi pulled it Once it looked like a little boy's but in a big way and then the red-light was completely covered It was interesting
"Hold him" said Sanyi pulling his dick He let go of his dick and I held him with two fingers in fear Sanyi grabbed my hand pressed it and we dragged it along()


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