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Rodrigo was sitting in the thermal water listening The target was less than 20 feet away Gabriel Gomez head of the European arms mafia was negotiating a new shipment The young agent didn't know the details yet but he was working on it In the winter cold Gomez looked for a thermal bath to reconcile his affairs
Rodrigo was a Brazilian spy; he and his partner Igor were sent to find out as much as possible and steal the criminal organization's database Brazil cooperated with NATO because the underworld had too much influence Secret Service was about to explore the criminal network The two 26-year-old men were assigned to the case disguised as Australian tourists Rodrigo was spying on the leader while Igor was looking for supplies for the operation
He didn't hear much because in the water in addition to the three negotiators there were more security men waiting He was not stupid enough to go there alone and draw attention to himself; therefore in the parking lot of the thermal park he met two pretty girls who were with him He was good at getting to know each other; despite his Brazilian origin he had only slightly brownish skin and green-blue eyes His body was pleasantly hairy and very athletic and the women couldn't resist so that's what happened here Because the girls wanted to be friends more and more she heard less and less The two Russian girls didn't even notice the spy was practically ignoring them He was trying to memorize the new M O R H missile data He woke up with one of the ladies touching him Since they'd been on the road for three weeks and haven't been with a woman since it was easy for him to wake up Before there was anything more serious he didn't want to risk the operation said goodbye and went to the locker room As he changed his clothes he reconsidered what he had heard and since he knew where general Gomez lived he went home Igor was at home editing plans and schedules for the operation on his laptop
- Tomorrow's reception will be at the office's residence; private guests only - inform your partner
- Then we'll split up you go to the reception as a caterer; you won't see them again The building schematics are here; the main kitchen is in the basement That's where you'll have to get away and manipulate the security system - Igor thought
- How am I supposed to get away undetected? How long is this gonna take?
-It's okay you can fix it with a PDA; if there's a problem you'll set off the fire alarm and that'll buy us time
Igor was good at planning; he was creative But he took action if he had to and he did good Rodrigo was more of a man on his feet less of a mind-set but he carried out his thoughts calmly He always had better nerves than Igor he was the good leader in trouble
- All right and you?
- I'm gonna climb in through the upstairs wing and cut out the window when you turn off the alarm and then all I have to do is get into the terminal room You're gonna need your help to do that; you're gonna have to fix the power supply a little bit In the event of a power failure one of the guards will come out to check the cause which is when I'll go
The plans were viewed and the operation was recorded within seconds
The next day; 20 minutes before the bet
- Can you hear me? - he radioed his partner Igor - Where are you?
- We're in the van; I'm in the back two men in the front - replied his companion in a whisper
- When did they get here?
"We are now at the gate and the guards are about to search us"
The reception has begun; the guests have arrived The food service downstairs brought in the food and the waiters started serving it Rodrigo saw the moment to act He remembered the design of the building so among the waiters he knew which way to run Separated from the waiters ' route he entered through an iron door that led to the basement There was heating lighting security control Following Igor's instructions and communicating by radio he shut down the security system for a minute and then back Igor's in
Climbing up the roof he managed to avoid the patrols and climb through one of the windows In the hallway above they were all closed offices and computer rooms He found a vault doorhe knew he was looking for this The fingerprint sensor was hacked then the code came His computer broke the code too slowly "He heard voices; the guards" he thought He quickly fell behind a curtain while the computer cable was connected to the code lock The guard moved on with a dull face unaware of the intrusion He was slowly downloading the material and Rodrigo went back in to keep it low profile
"Who is this lovely creature here in the back corridor" said a pleasant woman's voice closing the iron door
'The question is who asks' he turned back with a charming smile ' I am a member of the freight forwarders


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