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- Hello are you there? "Kati says My friend when I accidentally stared at my teacher with thought
- Uh yeah sure - I'll spit it out and catch my eye
 Stop staring at her You know you don't stand a chance with her
I always hated Kati for being so pessimistic Why wouldn't I have a chance with him? I mean everyone's talking about having an affair with a student That was a few years ago but still If he did it once he'll do it twice And besides I won't be your student much longerI'm graduating in two months
There was something in Gábor the biology teacher that really got to me Maybe it was his masculinity to have an opinion about everything That he was crude on the surface but that he was kind on the inside I was able to experience that when I had to answer for a better grade I thought he was gonna mess with me but he helped me as much as he could Biology wasn't my favorite subject but she even made this abominable subject beautiful
But I wasn't alone in pining for Gabor Many of my classmates and even my classmates liked it though they were afraid to admit it openly only to their confidants but I knew about it I was good with intelligence I was a pretty popular student had a lot of good relationships with a lot of people so I knew a lot of things
And how many students Gabor slept with was a mystery to me too But he didn't seem like the kind of guy who wouldn't take advantage of his options I knew that I knew men like that better than that
It was our last class and it was a Friday afternoon so no one was listening I was pleased to note that class was over in two minutes Gábor suddenly stopped speaking and rushed out of the class in a hurry accompanied by a greeting I had no idea where he was going in such a hurry
Kati and I didn't have any plans for this afternoon which was kind of weird ' cause you know we're always going out on a Friday night and having fun But now my girlfriend has some family issues and she had to call it off So I walked alone to the station to catch the bus But halfway through I remembered I forgot my cell phone at school In my bench I knew even if I couldn't catch the bus I had to get it back to school I prayed it would still be where I left it and no one stole it because it was a very expensive piece of equipment
But luckily he was exactly where he was supposed to be The school was deserted and it's only been 30 minutes since the last hour was over It was just a couple of cleaners busy most of the teachers were halfway home The silence of the deserted school frightened me a little but I also had an idea that we should look for Gabor if he is still here I knew it was stupid especially after he rushed out of class like that but it was worth a shot I went upstairs where all the biology teachers had offices As I approached I suddenly heard strange voices in the vast silence There were wheezing and moaning coming from Gabor's office I got closer and I saw the door wasn't locked and it was even open a crack but just enough to peek in Of course I was wondering what was going on in there so I stopped by I thought I'd drop my bag in shock when I saw Gabor kissing Fanni my classmate But apparently they didn't just want to kiss because Fannin was just bra and panties and Gábor's shirt was unbuttoned I knew the moment I wanted was here For a second or two I watched Fanni's body shake with desire and he really enjoyed watching my teacher pamper his breast I didn't need any more I suddenly opened the door and cleared my throat out loud And then the couple burst Fanni was desperately trying to wrap her blouse around her and Gábor's face was filled with fear
- Oh my God Dora what are you doing here?
- What are you doing here?
- It's not what it looks like We're just
- Yeah I know what it is Now I could go to the principal and get him fired but
He wouldn't let me finish what I started He stepped in front of me and put his whole body against the wall I've never been this close to her before and I felt my heart beating better than it should My mouth was only a few inches away from hers and her eyes were deep in mine
- I know you like me Did you think I wouldn't notice how much you wanted me?
I was intoxicated by the smell of his body I knew more and more that I wanted her right now and at any cost Her lips kept getting closer until she finally kissed me like no one had ever kissed me before At first it just bit me in the lips softly and then it stuck its tongue deeper and we broke out in a big kiss fight It was like I wasn't even thereI was in heaven She made me feel like a woman not just an 18-year-old high school student but a real mature experienced woman()


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