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I've been married for nine years my marriage has long since evaporated with illusions love and real self-indulgent sex It's been like this for years but I was just wondering I didn't know what to do
In one of the forums I started arguing with a guy named Laci on a rather delicate subject and I was surprised that he was nice to me even when I was going berserkand then I was scared and I was a little ashamed of my behavior I can't remember which one of us suggested we meet in person and talk about it in person but then I realized I was waiting for him at the folklore
He showed up he wasn't handsome he was just likeable and he's big compared to me For some reason I felt a little bit of hostility maybe it was the aftermath of our discussion at the forum He said with a smile that we could make up and he held out his hand to me I put my hand in his big strong warm hands We went for a little walk but it was quite cold at the time (it was a September afternoon) we sat in his car we talked on
I don't know exactly what happened and how it happened but I just realized that I'm feeling a tremendous amount of physical attraction First we kissed on each other's faces and then we started kissing Slowly shyly then we got deeper and deeper into it After a few minutes I could feel my feet wet
I was really glad we weren't in a secluded place otherwise I would have had the first relationship in my life where I was going to have sex right away
Then he took me not quite home of course but almost We listened the whole way but we were both blushing
In the meantime I found out that he was 47 (I was 33) married had a little girl His marriage is very bad he hasn't been with his wife in four years because she doesn't care about sex anymore
We met again a few days later It was a bad time but we didn't feel like going to noisy smoky places so we went with his car which was a nice big car an old-school AUDI We stopped in a bushy deserted place We sat in the back seat locked the doors
I don't know exactly why or what happened but I was just out of my mind the fuse blew I started to button the buttons on my blouse like crazy and she started taking off her clothes too I didn't care about anythingI didn't think about anything I just thought that I needed to take him in as soon as possible
My feet were wet in streams When he pulled down his pants I could hardly stand the sight of it: I had never seen such a limb in my life
It was long extremely thick and it was so stiff its acorns were almost purple I couldn't resist the temptation - I didn't want to
I leaned into his lap and weighed down the giant dick It was velvety delicious clean and hot I began to run my mouth my tongue and I tried to take as much of it as I could That wasn't easy In the meantime I got into the seat stretched out my legs pulled down my stockings and led Laci's hand to my pussy At first he started caressing her with fear That was already fantastic but I wanted more
I told him to put his finger in me Meanwhile I kept my eyes closed and I enjoyed sucking his dick terribly He understood my signal first he put a finger in me which was a staggering length reaching up to my cervix I felt it hit him It felt so good and so good
I indicated that I would like another finger and so I gradually put four giant fingers inside me I held her hand so she wouldn't pull it in and out just keep it in He understood and I moved my hips on his big hand
I felt so full of it I was tearing myself apart but I didn't mind -- I just wanted it to never end We came at the same time and he came at me with a big laugh spitting out a tremendous amount of sperm which I was happy to swallow And my hips were throwing themselves like a wild colt and my pussy was squeezing the hand inside of it with a tremendous amount of force


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