4 girls 1 guy, no great handjob and what is a precum challenge, indeed?

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I stretched out my hand and gently touched her shoulder and smoothed her hair He put his head slowly on my left shoulder
"We cannot tell anyone how fantastic this is" he whispered I'm crazy about you
My sister seemed to struggle between remorse and lust He wasn't even 15
- I don't know what your problem is sister - I tried to calm her down  I told you as long as you were on the pill nothing would happen
I put my arm around her shoulder and I turned her face towards me and I kissed her on the lips We used to walk through each other's mouths with our tongues so hot it turned me on
- I want to fuck you honey - I said it hot when I cut off the tongue kiss
'I am with you too' whispered Bessy
"But now from behind" I said - Get down on the carpet and lean all the way forward
My sister was so excited she obeyed without a word He got off the bed knelt on the white carpet leaned forward and raising his butt waited for my thrust I put one hand on his hip and with the other I adjusted my acorn into the opening which I saw and I thrust my rod into him with a firm motion
Bessy moaned out loud and I started moving slowly and then faster The vaginal Inlet and the surrounding area were wet and the sheath was warlike and so hot it almost fired
With closed labia the bar of meat that was stabbed over and over I reached out from the side with my right hand and with my fingers I found his clitoris I held it between my thumb index and middle finger and began to rub it as I moved my hips back and forth through the narrow opening again and again Her vaginal walls were covered with Lustre and my cock glided into her vagina with ease Every time I stabbed him I could feel his vulva firing I held her ass with both hands My breath struck into a rattle but Bessy was breathing more and more My dick was going in and out of that wet pussy at a faster pace
I deduced from his moans and his little screams that he would soon reach the top He stretched his arms forward and bent his waist like a cat purring I too felt fantastic embracing this girlish yet almost feminine body I leaned forward felt it from both sides and began to caress with both hands her small breasts and her pointy nipples


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