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He stood at the door of Lucius Malfoy's great living room With his shoulders he leaned against the door-frame and with his cold blue eyes he looked at the figure in the chair in front of the fireplace
The sun has long left the horizon turning its place into a dark starry night Aside from the light of the full moon the fire in the fireplace was the only light source that could clearly illuminate her face He sat silently in the comfortable chair staring at the dance of the yellowish-reddish flames
- How pure how innocent how innocent mysterious "How foolish of me to think that I could do anything with violence" thought the man
'Always this melancholy mood' said he with a deep voice
She shuddered at the sound turning her head towards the entrance His eyes met the man's and then he smiled faintly
"I thought you were going out tonight" he said towering
 I managed to get my affairs in order early so I felt it was unnecessary for me to spend the night there  The blonde magician slowly moved towards him taking off his black robe He recklessly threw it on one of the little tables poured a glass of wine handed one to the woman and sat down in the chair opposite "He looks worse every day" he said with impudence
- I'm sorry If you're so uncomfortable with my company you might as well leave me alone
 I don't think there's anything you can do to get me out of this chair right now " he said
- You clearly don't know anything about me
- Is that a challenge?
'You can take it as you like' said Tia in a tone of calmness and though she had no habit of it she took a big sip of the wine
- You want to bet? "said Lucius with a vague smile in the corner of his mouth As a real Slytherin you just couldn't miss an opportunity like this
- I beg your pardon? - she asked back a little surprised
- You heard me I bet there's nothing you could do that would make me get out of this chair
- Bet? - Tia raised her eyebrows while sipping another glass of wine
- The loser grants the winner a wish
- All right - she threw it at him without thinking Lucius was astonished at Tia's confidence for a moment but knowing himself he knew that he had already won this bet
They both made themselves comfortable in the chair They sat across from each other for almost an hour drinking wine in silence At first Lucius was perfectly calm but his curiosity grew more and more as time progressed
She drank the last drop of wine out of her glass licked her lower lip and put the glass back on the table The blonde magician watched her every move with his eyes wide open You could almost feel the tension between the two of them
Tia slid a little lower in the chair threw her legs over one armrest to make her more comfortable The move made her nightie slip up her thigh She looked at him and looked at him with charm
The magician froze when he realized what she was up to
'He won't do it' he thought
He was wrong
Tia's hand slowly glided up and down her already uncovered thighs and then went up through her abdomen and finally stopped at her breasts He began to caress himself sensuously for a long time never to take his eyes off the man He lightly brushed his nightie straps off his shoulders freeing his tight breasts
Lucius swallowed a lot but he didn't break eye contact He was wondering how far she was going and he didn't have to wait long
Tia perhaps under the influence of the wine seemed not at all disturbed but rather enjoyed the fact that the blonde magician was so persistent She played with her breasts for a long time and slowly very slowly she began to move down with one hand Under the white silk nightgown the man knew he was lost
Lucius licked his dried-up lips loosened his tie unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt with trembling hands and gathered all his strength he tried to put himself to rest
Tia sighed softly and closed her eyes as her fingers disappeared under the nightgown He treated himself like this for hours The nightgown kept going up and down until it didn't take anything away from her
Lucius felt his heart pounding his scorched blood rushing back and forth in his veins and his trousers were now very tight
But he didn't move
Not yet no
With his eyes wide open he watched with his breath as she stretched out her hand playing with her breasts towards the empty wine bottle For a moment there was no understanding for she knew that the bottle was empty and was struck by lightning


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