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It was early in the morning still quite dark It's a dawn when you can guess it's not really clear that day It's raining dark damp When you really don't feel like doing anything He's cranky whiny he sleeps late then he gets up real hard but he doesn't get dressed he drinks a cup of coffee and then he puts his seat in front of the TV He reads a little but he doesn't really feel like it These days are long and exhausting Well it was one of those mornings and since he was used to getting up very early all week his biological clock would get him out of bed at this time of the weekend he just couldn't sleep He thought he'd read a little and then he'd fall asleep again So he went to the other room to make sure she didn't wake up from the light She wanted to a little later
The girl was sleeping peacefullyshe didn't wake up He didn't want to wait any longer He loved these nights together and perhaps not the nights but the morning awakenings The girl never woke up fresh sleepy cranky She had a different voice more petting like a cat waking from a dream soft sensual almost purring So he snuggled up to her began to kiss her gently gently First the neck then the shoulder line then the shoulder line then the shoulder line down the spine She just moaned like she was dreaming and she was closer Well-fed cat as they say So he began to caress her hold her breasts in his hands and slide away to turn her over to his back He began to kiss her breasts gently holding her nipples in his mouth and then she became a little tense just like when the cat stretched out in his sleep He never knew if he was sleeping or just playing along But she was asleep
He thought he had a beautiful dream kissing her even feeling her breath He didn't want to wake up It felt so good to be touched to be pampered That hot mouth burning with desire tickling her body spoiling her In her sleep she embraced him kissed him and more and more touched him with her whole body He wished it very much he wished it were real if he could be there for him very close if he were to disappear in the Hide of his body He didn't want to let go of the dream he really wanted to keep it going even though he knew it was a dream because the man was far away he had to take the job away and they couldn't even see each other twice a month
She was very happy that she responded so violently felt the warmth of her body that characteristic smoothness He wanted to feel it all touch it know how he wanted it Her hand slipped between her legs her finger submerged in her hot pussy He loved that it was so hot his whole body shuddered at the thought that it was because of him()


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