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Anita came out of the bank with bad feelings and anger and desperation The 20-year-old girl was in huge debt to live in a flat with her boyfriend but they haven't been able to pay for that in a while In spite of his negotiations with the institution no agreement was reached no further extensions were obtained The fresh graduate pretty restrained and conservative girl worked in an office but her boyfriend was unemployed and her earnings were no longer enough to pay off the payments The prospect grew closer to them
He arrived at work a little late due to bank business where he was sulking and in a mood for papers and spreadsheets There were few people working at the office and everyone was sitting next to a partially enclosed plane so he couldn't talk to anyone His bad mood only got worse when Laci stood up from his machine on the other side of the room The Laci Anita hated this big 40-year-old rude hairy bear who had a say in everything she could And as if he was just a mind reader he was heading towards her desk
'Hello Anita' said he with that imperceptible mockery in his voice Anita couldn't stand being called that
 Laci I'm not in the mood to talk right now - She tried to deflect and it was conspicuously embedded in her monitor The man clung to his desk and said it was painfully snapping under his weight
- I know I can tell Were you at the bank again? Did they say anything good?
'No' said the unkind reply and her hands continued to work on the keyboard Laci looked around the office and having determined that no one was sitting near them she leaned closer to Anita and continued quietly
 You know I didn't want to say this to you before but I can solve your problem I've got moneyyou know that I could settle your entire debt - At the end of that sentence he was satisfied Anita was filled with rage and she looked up at him with a bitter look on her face
- Laci I don't care just get out of here and let me do my job
- I think you do Or wouldn't it be nice to pay it all back tomorrow? - Anita took a deep breath Of course it would have been good All the debts all the shackles and finally to live "free" But he didn't want to owe the man Any one but not this one He put his hand in his arm and looked at him with a piercing look
- Say it and get out of here
'Listen Angel' said the man with a condescending tone  I know you think you're somebody here but you're nobody If you don't want to end up on the street with your friend I'll make you a deal but I'll only do it once If you're interested watch your mouth - Anita took a big gulp
- And what would that be? "offer"? - Laci leaned a little closer
- I think you know very well Anita When your little mouth is sucking my dick and you're begging me to fuck with your legs open we can talk about my money  Anita was suddenly overwhelmed with uncontrollable anger
- Get out of here you son of a bitch - he was yelling He just laughed
 Well it looks to me like the bank won't give me a better offer
- I said Get Out  Anita was screaming so loudthe whole office turned Laci laughed sarcastically and as she left she spoke back:
- Just think about itmy offer still stands And not just that
Anita didn't get home until late last night He worked as much overtime as he could to make more money He felt mentally exhausted emotionally humiliated when he entered the apartment Your friend was already asleep couldn't stay up this late to wait for you And when she thought it couldn't get any worse that day she saw a letter on the table Warning of execution If they don't pay in a month they can take the apartment She was devastated she didn't believe it was happening to her He could lose everything and the only person who can help him is the man he hates more than anyone He hasn't slept all night He was thinking just tossing and turning in bed There was no way out It was more accurate but that road is worse than you could ever imagine What do you want him to do? He didn't have a choice anymore
The next day in the morning Laci was sitting comfortably in her office chair and she was taking her time with the mouse Anita approached him in silence almost without sound and stopped at his table The man looked up If you could have killed with a glance In her eyes a mixture of disgust contempt and shame trembled Laci looked at him with questions
- You got something to say?
- Do you really have money? - He lifted one of his index fingers
- Just a minute - He quickly clicked and typed and after a while he turned the monitor towards her - I joined my net bank Here's my balance - Anita looked at the amount with a keen eye with a multiple of their debt on it()


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