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In the morning my wife was on her way to work and she said goodbye to me fixing the sex hair on my dick because she doesn't like the hair stuck between her teeth when she sucks I put my hand in my pajamas and I had to give him the benefit of the doubtmy hair's really grown I woke up and went to the bathroom after breakfast I took out my beards and started shaving I got naked I plugged the machine into the power outlet and I started doing it My mind was flashed with pleasant blowjobs and the gentle vibration so I slowly began to freeze I heard someone knocking on the front door of the apartment and then coming in I was naked in the middle of the bathroom and I was surprised to see the little girl next door standing at the bathroom door staring at me
- What are you doing Uncle Pista? "asked Betty
- I've got a lot of hair on my dick and girls don't like it when they get their teeth stuck in their mouth sucking hair So I'm gonna cut it off I see you're intrigued Look I don't mind In fact if you want you can help me with it - I answered
His eyes lit up and he reached out to the machine I didn't give it to him so he wouldn't cut me
- I didn't mean for you to cut my dick but if you want you can stroke it and you can even put the end between your lips to push it harder It'll make the hair easier to shave off If you want to help take off your shirt pants T-shirt Don't go full of cut hairs it'll be hard to wash it out shake it out
She was willing to take her clothes off He unbuttoned his shorts took them off and started to put on his shirt For her age she was wearing a very grown-up little red thong panties and a tiny 75-B bra which she really didn't need because her half-ripe peach-sized tits were standing steeply forward She had these little pale pink nipples that looked up at the ceiling lights in the bathroom I was mesmerized by the little girl and my dick started getting hard to see I had a craving for the body of a half-aged little girl standing in front of me I figured since I was so easy to get the top off of her I'd try on the little sex bomb that's about to become a woman I didn't know if I was gonna be the first one to get into her pussy suck on her tight tough little titties or if one of her cunning little friends had made an effective effort When he was standing there he grabbed my dick and tried to kiss me on the tip which was shaking a drop of my first phlegm
- Squat in front of me it'll be a lot easier for you or sit on the stool or maybe get on your hands and knees
He did what I told him to do The brassiere was removed from the small breasts giving my eyes a full view of the hills The little girl on all fours had her butt out which had a beautiful round shape The thong cut between the two hemispheres making the view even more exciting My dick was all hard I was afraid if he touched her I'd splash all over her hot beautiful body I turned on the machine and pushed the hair down over my dick from my stomach The little girl laughed all excited and ticklish
- Oh the hair fell in my boob Prickly What should I do? - he asked
- Take that off too
- I'm shy
 Don't be ashamed of your pretty little body it's very desirable If you were a little older I'd be happy to satisfy you I'd give you a lot of pleasure and I'd take it from you to make me happy
- Are you trying to fuck me?
- Yes but I'd rather have gentle sex with you Of course in the end I wouldn't cum in your pussy to make sure you weren't pregnant by me It's too soon for your young beautiful body I'd rather put it in your tight ass or I'd ask you to suck my dick and let the juice of my pleasure between your lips If you wanted to and liked it you could swallow it Have any of your little friends ' penises ever been in one of your openings?
- Not yet but I can't wait to get my pussy out of my finger
I was surprised to hear that Meanwhile he reached back and took off his bra clasp and came out of it The breasts of two beautiful Half-aged teenage girls appeared with their pre-fledged nipples which evidently hardened by excitement looked forward with sharpness I leaned over the breasts of a little girl standing in a thong and took them between my lips I smelled magic I also sucked into the buds of a slightly different color from the skin and I smoked them and kissed them Bettike grabbed my stiff dick I used my tongue licked the little bosoms that almost fit in my mouth I made a vacuum with my mouth and then one of the boobs popped right into my mouth I almost drowned because it blocked the air but it was a sweet pain The little girl was panting with the urge to wake up in her body and my dick was on the edge of joy()


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